Bride Attires

Embroidered Strip Print Bridal Blazer with Dresses


Blazer is waist length open style body covering dress that always wears over gown. Collared neckline blazers are stitch with long or elbow length sleeve. Embroidery work neckline, button and pocket style plain or strip print bridal wedding blazer you will found in our today collection. Leather, cotton and velvet fabric blazer all give cozy expression with pretty beauty. Scroll down the page and enjoy images with detail!

Bridal Dark Blazer with White Dress:


In above image you can see that bridal groom match dark color in dressing like groom in blue pant coat and bridal in blazer. Collared style long sleeve waist length blazer decorates with brown button that are listed with short distance. On strapless ruffle pleated white gown blue blazer get pretty glance. Open blazer help bridal to drop braid on one shoulder.

Bridal Leather Blazer with Tulle Skirt:


Deep neck tulle fabric floor length skirt adorns the bridal on her bid day. Leather jacket give warmth feel on fall wedding. Black color blazer on white make cute contras and little touch of black also adopt on waist in belt form. Leather jacket also strop rain water drops in sudden situation. Shimmering accent also find in rich leather blazer in day or night wedding function.

Bridal Yellow Blazer over Ruffle Gown:


Yellow color individual associated with mood, emotion and behavior. Bright color looks lovely on white ruffle wedding dress. Yellow blazer has as length that covers the bodice area. Open style blazer not hides the neckline area of wedding dress. Open style opportunity adds in blazer that gives cozy feelings to bridal on her big day. Body fit blazer give great look to bridal personality.

Bridal Blazer with Trumpt Gown:


The above image stole from bridal fun photo graphic that give you as fun photo also bridal blazer idea. Inspire to groom three piece black pant coat bridal adorn black blazer. Loose fit long length blazer enjoys the bridal with elbow sleeve length. Trumpt gown hide the bridal legs and blazer cover the shoulder and back to keep warm up the body in cold weather condition.

Bridal Navy Blazer with White Dress:


Royal beauty navy blazer give luxury looks due to sleeve button embellishment. Embroidery work is done on neckline area of blazer with side big size golden button. Bridal wear tear drops statement earring inspires to blazer sleeve button. Back drop style white gown keep protect the bridal legs from cold weather. Couple enjoys the snow fall place wedding with white, navy blue and black color dressing.

Bridal Blush Pink Blazer:


Pretty bridal is wear blush pink color ball gown with blazer. Gown decorates wit flower cut lace that touches the floor. On waist of gown big size flower are also furnished. Layer necklace are also in same color that spark in shoulder length bang hair style. Round style mirror eye glasses give cute personality on round face.

Bridal Green Color Velvet Blazer:


Velvet fabric give soft and fluffy touch to the body and extra warmth feel when wear on body in any style. Green color velvet blazer gets the bridal on her white wedding gown. Long sleeve collared neckline blazer make end on waist. Pocket style blazer help full for dropping the hand in pockets when feel cold. Green color blazer get focal image on white gown.

Bridal Strip Print Blazer:


In above image bridal enjoy fall wedding with strip print blazer. Pink and white color blazer make best contras with white tulle gown .neckline area of gown is fully embellished with plain tulle layer. Open style long sleeve blazer male clear image of bridal gown neck style. Inspire to warmth blazer she select blue pink necklace and fresh flower bouquet.

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