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Groom Wedding Suit Tuxedo Styling Ideas


Its chill winter so you can easily perform the tuxedo three piece suit in your personality. Add your favorite color in your wedding dress and blush it with fashion accessories. When you are going to wear tuxedo you can choose bow tie but if also pail coat than long tie. Make batter arrangement about your wedding dress with right color combination. Out ideas about groom suit tuxedo style help you. Cute styling idea feels best when you wear with cool and warm hue. Get images from below!

What is tuxedo?


You first know about groom suit tuxedo here we give you best define its in easy words. A tuxedo is a dinner jacket or formal dress wear groom. Tuxedo styles jacket trim with lapels and button that make pair with slim fit trouser pent.

Different between tuxedo and suit:


The physical difference that found between suit and tuxedo is glossy satin fabric. Traditionally tuxedo has satin fabric on lapel, button, pocket and satin strip that goes down the leg of the trouser. Plastic button face down with same fabric. While suit don’t goes to modern and satin.


Dark Blue Three Piece Tuxedo:


Blue is the most emergent trend mostly wear on occasional bases. In wedding function you need something classic, and fashion so dark blue or navy blue I select for you. Blue three pieces is really give rich glance as a formal for look cute. The dark hue on wedding in tuxedo will be perfect for you. Silk and satin fabric bow make glossy expression.  Enjoy black shoes under blue dress.

Grey Tuxedo:


Look very nice grey when wear with under white. As give dull impression when make style in tuxedo become stylish. Light shade like cement you should wear in day as compare to night. In warmth day wedding great selection will be great while darker and steel are also good for day time. Without compromising with class if you are in gray you are in position to scale down the formality on your wedding.

Warmth Black Tuxedo:


For high class and formal look black you can wear. Tuxedo black is a formal option and keep you warmth in cold. The popularity of black is that it mostly wears in day time as a groom. When you covered up in black tuxedo you can add subtle accessories like bow tie. Crazy hair style helps you in seeing perfect groom. White make prominent look so you should choose accessories in this color.

White Tuxedo:


Black and white contras how look in three piece suit for wedding function.  Tuxedo design with black lining and give unique style to whole dress. In pure white top add black bow tie that match with wide leg pant and shoes. In first image you can see that black borderline just design in neck while in other one pocket and neck trim in hot black.

Tuxedo With Tailcoat:


Tailcoat is the center piece of tuxedo groom suit that wears with white button down collared neck shirt. Open blazer make clear image of tail coat with strip print tie. It’s totally different to just tuxedo three piece dress. With addition of two things you can turn its look into classic. Light and dark gray shade can wear on wedding function but choose silver tie.

Mix And Match Tuxedo With Tailcoat:


How you can mix and match tuxedo with tailcoat get idea from above image. In white color three piece printed tail coat add while in black dress try to add sky blue. Unique but elegant style that you first try on your wedding day follows from above picture. you can easily miss and match the color combination of tailcoat in your tuxedo dressing.