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Dazzling Sequin Sparkly Bridal Clutch


Small size sequin clutch are perfect to add spark in your wedding look. Light color sequin clutch give a big glance in your day wedding. You feel highly relax in sequin clutch because these are easy to carry. Ring chain arrange in some sequin clutch for toting in arm. Here we collect variety of sequin clutch in which include mini box, peacock style, square slim fit, fringe tassel and one color tone features clutch. Look below!

Blush Sequin Clutch:

2 eye catching sequin bridal clutch (13)

Bridal sequin clutch are a fun to bring girly glitz to your wedding dress. You should incorporate with white sequin box style clutch. More sparkly and subtle small size clutch you can easily carry on your big day. Golden buckle adjust top of clutch for lock purpose. For a hint of color and personality sequin clutch is a sophisticated package.

Navy Blue Sequin Clutch:

3 eye catching sequin bridal clutch (16)

Warmth blue sequin square design slim clutch is amazing to slide under arm or tucking in arm on wedding day. The navy blue sequin is cascade along the surface of this slim features clutch. Light weight clutch offer the perfect touch of glitter on your big day. Golden ring chain is including on optional base. Bridal sequin clutch has ivory lining and a gold clasp.

Sequin Gold Bridal Clutch:

4 eye catching sequin bridal clutch (3)

Design tear drop sequin finished with antique brass clutch frame. Golden sequin clutch is perfect way to add whimsical touch in wedding dress. Keep your essential rightly in this clutch. Beautiful antique gold frame bridal hand carry all corner are reinforced for extra length and durability. Ball like clasp and small chain hang in this sequin clutch.

Stylish Champagne Sequin Clutch:

5 eye catching sequin bridal clutch (2)

This champagne sequin clutch will be best for your wedding. Peacock style bridal clutch made of sequin, metal chain, and synthetic fabric. You can carry the rose gold sequin clutch in arm with ring chain. Small silver balls are touching each other. When you slip these balls far away you will enjoy open clutch to make storage.

Metallic Fringe Tassel Sequin Clutch:

6 eye catching sequin bridal clutch (12)

You can see a metallic sequin clutch in above image. Bridal clutch embellished with trailing fringe tassel that give unique tone. A hidden chain strap also part of bridal clutch for easy toting. Sequin clutch features magnetic closure with kiss lock. For golden bridal clutch nude color blush fringe tassel are selected.

Jimmy Choo Sequin Clutch:

7 eye catching sequin bridal clutch (10)

Long size flap over sequin clutch may be surprise on bridal big day. Branded clutch get final look with long chain for shoulder wearing. Silver sequin clutch help full for bridal to make long storage. Over gold plate sequin material tightly punched. Shimmering expression attain the bridal in wedding plain suit.

Stainless Iron Mini Box Clutch:

8 eye catching sequin bridal clutch (9)

Luxury beauty appeal stainless iron mini box clutch. Extra long chain arrange with top key ring of clutch. Bridal can remove the chain and enjoy clutch in hand. Gold sequin clutch make pretty beauty of bridal. To make essential storage on wedding day small size clutch is perfect idea. Light weight clutch is easy to handle with long gown.
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