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Rhinestone, Lace, Sequin Studded Clutch for Bridal


You find a chic look wedding clutch for glamorous beauty. Here we collect royal inspire perfect size clutch that keep bridal relax on wedding day. Heavy embellishment makes over the clutch so their beauty sparks and attracts the others. In decoration of bridal pearl lace, rhinestone, sequin like material is used. Ball like stud appears lovely that can easily open. In some bridal clutch metal stud are also used. For more look below!

Silk Chiffon Royal Blue Clutch:


Bridal royal blue stud clutch decorate with pearl and antique brooch. Silk chiffon fabric luxury clutch features are flowing. Silk is crisp texture that shines in natural light. Light weight gentle clutch ivory and silver brooch adds little but elegant charm in this wedding clutch. Gray metal two small balls stud are attach over the clutch for lock down.

Pearl Embellished Hear Shape Clutch:

Cute heart shape bridal stud clutch fully embellished with white pearl material. Bridal can match the hear clutch with her white wedding gown. Prince beauty of bridal will appear when hand carry pearl clutch. Absolutely right clutch can easily open and close with top ball stud. Two half become the heart clutch when you open and store the tiny things in it.

Burgundy Crystal Feather Brooch Clutch:


Luxury beauty appeals the burgundy crystal feather brooch stud clutch. Handmade bridal clutch is spark with satin, silver frame and rhinestone. Fully lined silver strap with two bells like stud that close in cris cross style. Bridal can get blood red clutch either in white or red gown. In night wedding when bridal carries the clutch it grab people attention due to shimmering expression of crystal.

Golden Delicious Bridal Clutch:


In above image softly shine metallic satin wrap bridal clutch in crisp apple form give interesting look. Crystal sequin leaf with thin stud you can enjoy the apple clutch on your big day and can impress the others. Gold chain strap is hidden inside the apple clutch that design on optional base. A base also has the golden bridal clutch through that you can easily drop on table or sofa side hand.

Pearl, Lace Embellished Bridal Clutch:


Look maybe enough elegant wedding clutches that you want for your wedding. Rare vintage pearl and chic embroidery work decorate on golden metal line clutch. Layer of golden and white clutch is look like a shirt neckline. Cute rich gold balls are display top of clutch that head are attach to each other. Bridal softly slips them and can make storage inside the clutch.

Oof-White Lace Wrapped Wedding Clutch:


Especially design for wedding shimmering satin purse that is finish with pearl handle strap. It depend on your mood either you want to carry the clutch with pearl strap or remove. Magnet stud attach in floral lace clutch that poles attract each others for lock up. Royal pearl strap is reasonable in size so that bridal can hand in her wrist.

Silver Stud Burgundy Clutch:


Bridal for their wedding day wants a small size clutch that easy to carry. Burgundy color clutch embellished with red and silver rhinestone. V-shaped layer are crafted with cute stud. You can make small storage under bright clutch. It’s available in reasonable price that make best contras with your white or red gown. Bridal clutch has light weight so bridal feels relax with it on her wedding day.

Ring Knuckle Bridal Clutch:


This one bridal clutch come into final look with glitter crystal ring knuckle. Golden, silver sequin strips and stones are giving stunning charm beauty to bridal clutch. Heavy embellishment makeover the clutch with that tells other about your taste. Chic and charm glance appear due to this one wedding clutch.
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