How to Make Sparkly Wedding Invitation


Sparkly wedding invitation idea crate luxury wedding thinking. You can make glittery card at home that cheap idea. With simple material glitter wedding invitation card can easily get. You can select your favorite color for sparkly card like golden, silver, blue and any other. Silver and golden glitter mostly enjoy as wedding theme. Card may be rectangular, square shape or in two to three pages.

Get ideas from below!

Glittery Wedding Invitation:

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Luxury glitter wedding invitation card decorate with black satin ribbon and silver brooch. Square size card bottom corner you can style in bow style ribbon that top illustrate with sparkly brooch. Silver wedding card give glossy accent. It may be your wedding theme or match with bridal or groom dress.

Lovely Glitter Wedding Card:

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In above image wedding card border line is in silver glitter form. Off-white color card write with black pen that clearly show every letter.  Purple ribbon in bow style finished with top silver square brooch display. Cute decoration of card can impress your guest when you give invitation card to invite on your wedding.

Beads & Ribbon Decorate Wedding Invitation:

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Square size wedding invitation card top embellished with silver sequin formic sheet. Big and small white color stones make a line end of glitter. At bottom corner of glitter silver satin with flower buckle give innocent beauty. Rich impression show the wedding card when you give to your close friends and relatives.

Golden Glitter Wedding Invitation:

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Turquoise color card selected for wedding invitation. Flap over part of card inside display in golden glitter. A thick strap of golden paper wrap around the wedding card. For all segment individual card design and close them all in one. Right color combination makes for wedding card.

Elegant Glitter Lady Wedding Invitation:

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Slim and smart glitter lady wedding invitation card beautifully design. Flap over golden part wrapped with satin thin ribbon. Brass metal tiny ball really lovely that used for punched the ends. Golden glitter is affordable and cheap wedding card idea that you can easily make at home.

Sparkly Pocket Invitation:

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Very stylish invitation card easily make at home. You will need material like rose gold glitter card paper, white card sheet, pearl rows, tape runner and paper trimmer. Square shape card top decorate with thin pearl rows. Romantic look appear in this rose gold wedding invitation.

Glitter Laser Cut Wedding Invitation:

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Shimmering impression are show in this wedding invitation card. Glitter laser cut wedding cart top is show in silk ribbon and an eye buckle. After making bow ends of ribbon are hanging on bottom both corner. Inside the laser cut card written card is covered. Wedding card is glum up with black ribbon and rose gold diameter.

Silver Shine Wedding Invitation Card:

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Silver sequin like sheet used of making wedding invitation card. Blush pink color satin ribbon in bow style bend over the card. Sparkly impression shows up with this card. Satin ribbon first band all around the card and at last finished in bow style.
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