Photoshoots & Props

Bride and groom photo shoot with umbrella


Couple photo shoot with umbrella can get romantic charm in their modern couple appearance. Romantic scene bride and groom photo can add interesting glam on them. In outdoor wedding couple photo shoot can amuse their modern styling with colorful umbrella. You may also try this romantic photo shoot on their wedding and can glimpse dramatically charm in their wedding function.

If you can like it then this couple photo shoot can also done on their wedding and add romantic glam on them.

Dreamy lacy umbrella covered photo shoot idea:


Romantic look couple photo shoot with lacy ivory umbrella can add magical glam in their wedding. Bride can wear white lacy dress with matching pumps and groom wear 3 piece suits with hug style umbrella cover photo shoot. This romantic style photo shoot make memorable their wedding ceremony.

Smile couple photo shoot with omber umbrella:


Happy couple photo shoot with umbrella can get enchanting charm in their coming appearance. Both of them hand carry with each other and give smile pose. Red omber umbrella can add eye-pleasing glam on them. Bride can wear chunnet blush ball gown and groom can also wear 3 pieces dusty brown suit. Both of them look fabulous with their modern style attires.

Bridge couple photo shoot idea:


Dramatic couple photo shoot with red umbrella can glimpse tremendous glam on destination wedding. On Pool Bridge amorous scene couple photo shoot with their trendy style attires and red umbrella catching style. Umbrella matching red flower bouquet can add brighten charm in bride white lacy tea length dress. Cross direction of bouquet and umbrella can enhance the glam of them.

Dreamy couple umbrella covered photo shoot:


Dreamy wedding couple can glimpse marvelous charm in their modern appearance. Bridal dress matching lacy umbrella can embellished with red green and white floral layers in front off their photo shoot. Dream inspired fluffy ball gown with groom black dress can add rocking charm with umbrella cover photo shoot.

Romantic bride groom photo shoot idea:


Hot scene couple photo shoot with white umbrella bring captivating glam on them. Bridal costumes can be styled with white lacy cape sleeve dress. Skin shade groom dress makes allure their wedding photo shoot. Sitting round umbrella couple photo shoot can add exciting charm in their wedding function.

Couple dance pose photo shoot with floral umbrella:


Awesome side pose couple photo shoot with floral printing umbrella. In garden setting couple photo shoot can add tremendous glam on them. Natural scene can give interesting charm in couple photo shoot. Umbrella can also enhance the glam of them. Cute umbrella can get prominence charm in their romantic photo shoot.

Floral themed couple photo shoot with umbrella:


In garden wedding dangling floral layered back drop photo shoot. Bride can carry rainbow colored bouquet and floral tiara on their head. Groom can carry bridal dress matching lacy umbrella for their romantic photo shoot. Groom brighten dressing can also add flashing charm in their photo shoot.

Tuquise fancy umrella couple photo shoot:


Bride and groom photo shoot with turquoise colored umbrella bring interesting charm in their modern appearance. White lacy dress with matching hat and two piece grooms dressing with hat bring lovely charm both of them back ground car with umbrella handling couple photo shoot look fabulous.


Romantic couple photo shoot with umbrella can glimpse tremendous glam on their wedding function. You may also try it and make memorable their wedding.