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Funny Ways to Shoot Wedding Photos with Bridesmaid


Bridesmaids are closet and best friend bound with you throughout the party. They did real job me to make you wedding day special and unforgettable.  Do you think, how you make the day special with you bridesmaid which always still in your wedding photographs. There is lot of ideas to shoot a photo with bridesmaids.  Do something crazier and unexpected which surprised other. Make a great fun with bridesmaid that captured camera eyes. It   brings a smile or laugh   when you look theme again and again. Here we bring non-stop fun ideas to make your wedding unforgettable in Bridesmaids Company.

Boudoir section wedding pose:


I’m not bound you to make fun just on the wedding day. You can make the celebration while preparing for wedding. Bride does something special for their bridesmaid while bounding them for their wedding.  Shoot interesting and joyful moment when you are with you bridesmaid in boudoir section, bridal part and cocktails class. “Always make fun with bridesmaid” to spend cheerful and happiest time with your friends.

Fun pre-wedding party photo:


Pre -wedding party is amazing ideas to spend joyful and happiest time with Bridesmaid Company. Take them for special dinner, bar, or the picnic spot and do something interesting.  Catch the most beautiful and lovely moment to give them place in wedding album. Look here all bridesmaids and bride are ready for drink in session. The bride opens the champagne bottle while bridesmaid carries glass and makes noise to this special moment.

Princes in the mirror:


Capture the moment to make it a part of wedding photo album by filling excitement and joy when are and your bridesmaid get ready for wedding. It’s an honor for bridesmaid that they are special for you.  Here all bridesmaids showing their interest to look lady of the day  in dressing mirror  going to kill someone through her gorgeous beauty.

Bride first look:


Luckily bridesmaid is the first member who looks the bride she gets wedding to getting down the aisle.   Still the surprising and shocking expression when a bride comes in front of the maids. Look this enthralling wedding photo shoot. All bridesmaid   stands in door for first wedding look. See the expression. It will always remind you their regards and praises so hang this movement in wedding photo book.

Bridesmaid helping the bride:


It the most appreciated and thanking ideas to make a photo with all bridesmaids when they help you to get ready for wedding party.  It’s honor for bridesmaid to helping the bride. Here in this photoshoot all bridesmaids do different thing to adjust the wedding dresses.

Cute prop with moustaches:


No-doubt wedding photo with bridesmaid are the real treasure for the bride remembered her the happiest moment which they spend together. It shows their friendship and deep relation with each other. It’s a time to show them how mush to love with them.   Throughout the wedding Bridesmaids look around the bride. So there is greater possibility that they look in every wedding photo but what   you do to make a special moment with them is counted by everyone. Make interesting and craziest prop to shoot the photo with bridesmaid.  Moustaches, glasses and hat are the elegant material for funny props.

Pose before getting ready:


Make a group photo with bridesmaid before you are going to preparing for big-day celebration. It’s elegant way to show how you dress-up before   getting for the part.  All bridesmaid  sit in the wearing matching  sleeping gowns before preparing while their wedding dresses are hang on the back  with headboard.

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