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Lovely Foot Washing Wedding Ceremony Photo Shoot


Wedding is a traditional function in every religion. In wedding ceremony two person man and woman are together in one relation through marriage. In Christian wedding number of ceremonies are held in wedding function such as
•    Rose ceremony
•    Wine ceremony
•    wine box ceremony
•    love letter ceremony
•    pebble tradition
•    ring warming ceremony
•    hand blessing ceremony
•    chocolate ceremony
•    feet washing
•    red string of fate
These ceremonies are held in Christian wedding function after completion these ceremonies wedding function is completed with this ceremony.

Foot washing ceremony:


Foot washing ceremony is the tradition of Christian wedding. Foot washing ceremony is the sign of love and being humble. In this ceremony take a bowl with a little water and a sponge. Bride and groom wash the feet each other. For this firstly take out their shoes ad placed their feet in a bowl and poured the water o the top of the sponge and lightly washed the feet and dried their feet  with a towel and then shoes wear with them. Same step repeat other spouse. This interesting ceremony can get charming hue on this wedding reception.

Couple foot washing ceremony ideas:


In this image you can see afoot washing ceremony.  Bride can wash their groom feet. This romantic photo shoot can get eye-pleasing glam on your wedding photo album.  Groom ca sit on a stool and take their foot o the lap of their bride after washing dry with a towel.  Bride can sit on the ground with their flare wedding gown.  Side decorative baby breath flower table can allure this photo shoot.

Wao saying foot washing ceremony photo shoot bring splendid glam on this wedding function. Groom can take out their bride shoes for washing. A bowl and towel is placed on the floor. Groom can wash their bride feet on this bowl and can get charming hue on their modern wedding ceremony.  Bride can sit on the chair and groom sit on the floor on knee balance.  Both of them can see each other with lovely expressions.

In this picture you can see outdoor wedding function arrangement. Wedding guest is sit on behind the bride. Bride can wash their groom feet with sit o the ground. Their white flare wedding gown can get dreamy charm on them with this ceremony celebration.  They can take out their shoes and dip their feet in a bowl and wash their feet through fancy look water jug. This romantic photo shoot can make memorable their wedding in whole life.

Feet washing ceremony idea can get astonishing glam on wedding function. Brie can sit on their chair with their white lacy top off the shoulder flare wedding gown. She can catch their wedding gown till knee length for foot washing ceremony. Groom can wash their feet in a flowery ceramic bowl.  Bowl matching jug is placed o the side table for taking water.  Their romantic photo shoot can also get pleasing touch on their wedding function.

Bride is dried their groom feet after washing. This attractive dreamy look foot washing ceremony photograph bring tremendous glam on this wedding function. Bride can sit on the floor and dry their groom feet with towel and show concern with their groom. It is the sign of love and show concern with their groom fro whole life. This eye-pleasing photo shoot make impressive this wedding ceremony.

In this image lovely and romantic look foot washing ceremony is held.  Groom is feeling shy when their bride washes their foot. In outdoor wedding function bride and groom can play this ceremony. A square shaped bowl is placed on the ground which groom foot a dip for washing.  Bride is also happy for washing their groom foot. It is also the sign of their take care and show humbleness with their groom.

In farm wedding reception bride and groom can celebrate their foot washing ceremony.  Bride can sit on the wooden chair ad groom can sit on the ground with leg standing.  He is wash bide feet in the steel mini bucket style bowl trough jug.  They can pass the lovely smile with each other.  Both couple is looking so gorgeous with their modern style wedding outfit.  Groom can hanged their sleeves till elbow length for washing their bride feet. This dreamy photograph can make memorable your wedding in whole life.
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