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Must Take Photo of Bride with Flower Girls


Each and every person invited in wedding ceremony has great importance yet there is some special personality stand along you throughout the parties. They play bigger contribution to make organize your wedding successfully. Must add them in your wedding photo album especially the flower girls, who tossing petals down the aisle, allow you to feel like a princess.  Bridesmaid have own importance but you can’ refuse a flower girl importance.

Make some interesting photos to tell them how special they are for you.  Bridal photo shoot with flower girls is interesting moment. Ask your photographer to left the other photos sections and first make your photo before they empty their baskets on the aisles. There are lot of ideas to capture beautiful brie and flower gilds moment throughout the wedding. Here we bring some special photo ideas that really work a lot.

Pre-wedding photoshoot:


There are endless way for capturing an interesting wedding photo of bride and her flower girls.  There is not a fixed time for this job. Pre-wedding photoshoot is more appropriate time for this shoot. You can take a photo while showing her wedding dresses, and when both of you are together in makeup room. Here Pint-size flower girl and bide make photo in powder room.

First wedding look:


Both come in front of each other after getting ready for the big-day celebration. It’s the admiring time for both of you.  She’s the one who tell about how you look. It’s memorable moment of the day when you make first photo when you completely become a bride.

Underneath the bridal veil:


It’s classical style to shot the wedding photo with flower girls.  Little angle try to say something underneath the veil while bride bend down to hear her. It’s cutest wedding pose. I love it.

Comes to their level:


It’s joyful time for the birds. Here the bride sit down to come on their level and encourage these two little attendants who are little scar from huge gathering.  Ask something funny of their interest to relax them. Two flower girls wearing fluffy dresses come closer to the bride. It right ring to still the moment.

Explore the wedding venue together:


It bit difficult to properly stand little naught kids for long enough time then it better to go for exploring the wedding venue.  Take an active photoshoot while visiting weddings. It also work best when there is sometime in getting down the aisle.

Caring the bridal cathedral veil:


Flower girls are true maids of the bride. Do anything what you ask them. Here cute flower girls hold up the cathedral veil which sweeps on the floor.  Its breathtaking snapshoot always remember you the happiest time of your big-day.

Little Angle kisses you:


Come closer to the flower girls, bend down and let the kid kisses you.  This one is fantastic wedding shoot that give huge squeeze to the flower girl.

Love packed smooch:


Enjoy the each and every moment in pleasant way.  Deep smile and bigger laugher tell everyone that who much happier you are.  Here little attendants attack on you can try to take kiss and warmth hug to show their love. It’s lovely photo. Flower girl looks cute in white baby breath flowers.

Call all the flower girls:


Allow them with bridesmaids:


Collect all bridesmaid and flower girls together to make a group photo. It little way to thanks them.

Add with cute Props:


Add them in romantic wedding photoshoot with groom.  Ask them hold the frame while you kiss at some distance.
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