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Wedding Photo Shoot with Fun Props Ideas


A wedding is the biggest day that comes in every one life. This event of life comes with fun and enjoyment and romantic notion. Some want to tell others about their love story so they take help from fun props. Creative styles of wedding photo shoot with props are including in our collection. Here we define umbrella, balloon, asked and listen, play with flower, finally, burlap lover garland and beach side props.

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Just Married:


In rainy night umbrella bring close you to your bridal. Pair f Very close umbrella is just for married that shrink under these. Romantic scene is at peak level in which bride and groom are so happy. Rainy night come close the couple that they can share their deep feelings that earlier feel for each other.

Fun & Fantastic Couple Shoots:


Make your married life happy with addition of fun and enjoyment. Its luxurious time of your life that not comes back so happily treat as you can do. You can get a fun photo after marriage with colorful balloon. Bride and groom meet with each other with their smiley face. Bride holds the number of balloon while groom hold his life partner from back.

Play With Flower:


How you can get flower props photo get idea from above image. Groom stand on second floor and say welcome in amazing style of his bridal. Blue and white color background and red natural lower play key role. You can see that blue and red color also look in couple dressing. Petal of flower appears groom love as drop on bridal and she look very excited.

Asked And Listen Situation:


In above image couple asked and listen each other comments very closely. They sit on floor at outside place and show their expression that written on paper. Groom asked from bridal and she reply yes oh yes I understand what they make gossip. Are you understood no wait I tell you what they asked and reply. Actually groom asked do you love me or not and bridal say yesssssss why not!

Final Decision:


In above image finally a prop is used for marriage. Groom takes final decision about his life that he agrees to marry with you. Bridal smile and show the result on black board with white chalk written. Groom on one leg sit on floor and now feel relax. If you are also best friend or lover you can also choose this props idea.

Wedding Props “And”:


They select beach side area for wedding props that easily display in sandy floor. Big size white painted “and” looks so sweet and tells that both are going to hold in one relation. Groom is holding the bridal hand and looks each other face.

Rustic Burlap Love:


Long burlap rope with hanging v-shaped a garland is decorated with love letter. Bridal and groom catch the burlap strip from corner and see each other. They tightly hold hands and are happy on their future life decision. Burlap love props idea so interesting and memorized their decision after marriage.
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