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Wedding ‘Save the Date’ Most Interesting Ideas

‘Save the Date’ is first step leads toward wedding  must done soon as possible an interesting way to remind you guest that your are going to mermaid on this date. Save the date card is first invitation in which ask your honorable guest to make preparation for your wedding.  These card may sent before 6-9 month before the wedding but it also sent at short notice if you wedding in small period. Wedding save the date card must be interesting make good impression on the receiver.

Creative and fun making wedding card give a pleasant impact about your wedding going to held in future date. In this way you can also save yourself from the unexpected condition when someone asking you that you did not tell then first about your wedding or someone gives a reason that he forgets your wedding date about his absence from your wedding. Pick an interesting, funny or Romantic save the date prop to ample your guest.

Calendar magnet:


Involving a Calendar magnet is inspiration save the date option become modern trendy for all wedding. Choose an interesting location and capture a romantic pose to tell your future wedding day. It’s romantic ideas to surprised all friends and whom you has strong relations.

Wine bottle:


Bride and groom spend most of time together between engagement and wedding period. There are lots of place where they never forget in their life. Select the favorite place for save the date card.  This couple choose rail track for this job. Write wedding date on wine bottle and place them foreground. Keep distance between bottle and you as both of you easily focused by camera eyes.



Save wedding date is ideal way to show little promo about what type of wedding you are going to arrange.  Save the wedding date ingeniously tell them about in which season you are going to wed or which location selected for wedding venue. Here an antler is place on the pathways on which save the wedding date written with black ink. White bride and groom named highlight n white on s stone. It breathtaking saves the date idea.

Maple leaf:


This save the date clearly tells that you are going to choose autumn theme for your wedding. Maple leave is proof of your love.  Select the most beautiful location for making save the date photo shoot.  Save the date must be interesting as it touches the hearts.

Dog with save the date card:


Involve your pet in save the date project as he the eye-witness for you relation.  Look this unique wedding save the date card in which couple soon getting down the aisle carry save the date cars in hand accompanies with their loyal friend.

Beach sand photo save the date card:


Make a heart with wedding date or take a love pose for save the date. Sandy beach floor is the most interesting point for beachy wedding save the dates.

Musical instruments:


Vinyl disk wedding save the date is insanely romantic and unaccepted ideas.  Here this young couple hold two vinyl disks in hand which reflect that wedding is going to hold with retro charm. Groom hold disk on which save the date is written in white hues while in future bride carry dick with words “you belongs to me”.

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