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8 Novelistic Ideas for Classical Black And White Weddings


Are you sure to organize classical wedding in black and white hues? Let come on make it more stylish and fashionable with delicate details. Black and white is iconic wedding trend allow you to celebrate big-day in special way.  While you speak black and white or white and black there is same sense behind. You want a dazzling wedding in classical hues.  It every refreshing color combination never goes out of fashion so cheer up and start planning. You have to do lot of work to bring intellectual glance and novelistic vibe.  Here we tell you he basic of white and black wedding such as selection of bride and bridesmaid outfits, tablescaps, wedding cake and bouquets.

Bridal outfit for black and white wedding:


There are lots of possibilities to wear stylish and dreamy wedding dress to celebrate white and black theme wedding. It classical style wedding so a bride can wear any outfit in black and white hues.  A complete white dress is ideas for traditional wedding. It you desired to get bold and daring look then choose black wedding gown which totally provide in individual look. Black and white wedding gown also offer in endless styled permit enduring charm to a bride. As flower wedding outfits is t hottest trend of this year so we bring black and with flower printed strapless ball gown for out advance bride.

Black and white bridesmaid outfits:


Bridesmaid is special personalities play important role throughout the wedding. They are the friend and sister of the bride so they have fully permission to look beautiful and stylish as they are in eyes by someone. Black and white strappy, ruffles, tired long dresses are ideal outfits for the bridesmaids. Then can choose black outfit in mini or midi length to get statement charm.

Shoes and accessories for black and white wedding:


The most considerable thing after selecting a bridal outfit is to select right shoes and accessories. You have to pay full attention white selecting accessories with black and white outfit. Here we bring white and black  stripped and bow embellished  held ankle strap sandals,  pearls and feather  hair pin,  lace thigh garter and flower  decorated hand clutch truly define captivating charm of bride to make her day special and unforgettable.

Flower girls and ring bearer:


Flower girls and ring boy is the cute and sweet member of the wedding job to bring bride and weeding ring at the wedding spot. Flower girls carry flower bastes and other alternative come with the bride while ring bearer hold bearer pillow hold rings. Traditional black suit is best for ring body. While flower girls look attractive e in black and white striped dresses.

White and black wedding tablescaps:


What you do to entertain your honorable guest join wedding to offer best wishes for your upcoming life. Create cool and comfortable sitting arrangement where they feel honor o sit. Tablescaps are the attention demanding point while planning a wedding. In black and white the wedding entire tablescaps reflects monochromic charm. tablescaps include table cloth, skirts,  crockery, cutlery, centerpieces, napkin and glassware.


Guest table must look attractive and elegant. As the entire wedding decoration is depend on the guest table decoration. Whatever style of tablescaps you choose the main thing how to represent in   pleasing g way which inspired other.  Here we give two different view of black and white wedding as you can fully understand that how you can bring innovation and charm in two different venues indoor or outdoor.

Centerpieces in black and white:


Centerpieces are the visible decorative wedding complement. It quite difficult to incorporated black and white hues to decorate a wedding centerpiece but nothing Is impossible. You can do ant thing. Anemone, white roses, hydrangea, jasmine and dahlia are stunning flower work best in white and black theme wedding. You can enhance novelistic charm through orchid and feathers.

Classical wedding bouquet and boutonnieres:


Look at these enthralling bridal bouquet and boutonnieres for groom especially design for black and white theme wedding.  These bouquet and boutonnieres are easily made without any difficulty.  White petals and black center anemone flower, black leaves crafted diy paper flower are awesome material. Black silk satin ribbon is used to cover the stems.

Wedding cake for classical wedding:


Here we unleash two different vintage wedding cakes best for celebrating black and white wedding.  White creamy layered cake are amazingly adorn with black floral lace which bring Victorian and classical touch. Triple and double layered wedding cake are truly a wonderful compliment for classical wedding.
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