Wedding Accessories

Amazing Way to Light up the Outdoor Wedding Space


I love outdoor wedding trend. Each and every look of outdoor with fresh environment gives wide space to enjoy the wedding. Lighting arrangement is play vital role in outdoor wedding look. How you can best arrange the lighting different look for outdoor wedding function enjoy here.

Hanging Lantern with Table Candle:


Hanging light in outdoor wedding function is give whole appearance of surrounding. Table candles offer candle light dinner on wedding function. Lovely romantic mood will create under candle dinner. Arrange the tea candle among the normal size table candle. Center fresh flower presentation will give sweet fragrance. Outdoor wedding arrangement also gives fresh and cool air.

Paper Lantern:


Paper light creates interesting structure at outdoor space. Tree branches wonderfully support the paper globe light and you will best performance the dance party. One color presentation of paper globe light gives look of everything.

In other right hand picture paper globe addition make over with string lights. Rustic wedding look will create under tent style light hanging position. In this way light will go at individual table.

Tree Hangs Lighting:


Long strings light are hanging in tree. With short distance string lights add fun and enjoyment on outdoor wedding. Guest much inspire with your unique and creative idea of tree hanging string lights.

Star String Light:


Single strings star light in outdoor wedding create a starry sky scene. Tree branches will glow under high lights of string star. Romantic environment give memorable movement and bring functional look. Warmth ambience with green presentation of tree leaves and dining table arrangement give make perfect wedding style.

Chandelier Light:


Hang the elegant light fixture with small distance. Light chandelier usually sport indoor wedding but here outdoor scene give luxury dramatic effect. Ideal sports for a summer wedding are chandelier lights. White flower hang addition make best contras with table covet and seating. Under high light you will well enjoy the wedding ceremony and impress other.

Rustic Lantern:


In night time outdoor wedding high light become needed accessory. Rustic style lantern bring the old days wedding look with great inspiration. Top of lantern decorated with different color flower that band with jute strip. Under Rich branches of tree you can easily hang the rustic look lantern. Low hanging branches give make best chain for dropping down the chandelier.

Light Bundle:


Outdoor wedding with starry bundle of light are wrapped in a basket form. Dreamy and luxury wedding decoration give hot spa. High hang starry bundle with twinkle light glow the overall beauty of wedding area. Dining table presentation arrange with candle placement.

Fairy Light:


Real outdoor wedding look develop under fairy light attention. Novelistic charm beauty will develop in addition of star light. Camera light fixture also best addition in fairy light impression.