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Fun-Making Wedding Guestbook Alternative That Really Inspired You

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Guestbook is essential item in wedding sign by the guest came in wedding. Traditional wedding book become old fashion has no grace.  Bride and groom desired unusual and impressive guest book.  Guestbook is treasure for newlywed couple as it carries thoughtful notes and tip helps them to spend their coming life. Traditional wedding book have not charm. Couple read it and save them   back in the closet. It has no purpose. So try to select a wedding guestbook which you always keep in front of your eyes. Wedding guestbook canvas, frame, bottles, globs all these thing are adorable and noticeable guestbook used as centerpiece after the wedding. It always remembers the advice and tip   give in on these guestbook along the signs.

Incredible glob wedding guestbook:
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Map are elegant and function centerpiece  set on desk table, office tables  in book shelf but here is whimsically used to s take the guest signs. The guest invited in wedding must have to sign the glob on special city or country from where they want to go.  It’s interesting and fun making ideas. I love this unique and heartouching wedding book alternative.

Funky Mail box guestbook:

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Ask your guest to drop personalized sign mail   mini mail box bring in wedding points. It’s adorable and playful wedding guestbook alternative. Vintage inspired mail box and map cutting are dramatically used as wedding guestbook that tend other to laugh first.

Puzzle   wedding guest book:

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Pick up a romantic photo from you per-wedding photos and enlarge to design a wedding guest book puzzle.  Each puzzle piece is sign from back. What you find when complete the photo puzzle. It’s really wonderful option to bring uniqueness in wedding.

Wood bench wedding guest book:

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Raw wood crafted bench is set in the wedding venue which is a substitute of traditional wedding guestbook. Guest comes and signs the seat, handles and back of this arm bench. It   spectacular thought which really capture the sight.  This jaw-dropping wedding alternative is suitable for rustic and barn weddings.

Polaroid wedding guest book:

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Polaroid photos   guest book is unusual and heart touching idea to record the tips and massage of honorable guest.  Polaroid camera, wedding guest book, gum and pen are put  on wedding guest book table  and  also and massing to ask guest to take instant photo form this camera and  past is on guest book  along with massage.   “If you instagram …..”  Frame, Black paper wedding book and camera offer to guest to collect wishes.

Massage in a bottle guestbook:

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Massage in bottle is interesting and whimsical idea really inspired your guest as some of them pick these ideas for their or their loving weddings. Guest book is memorable wedding item which you want to keep it with you. Pick up a clear glass bottle and adorn it as you which and select papers on which guest have to their best wishes. In this wedding mouth wrapped bottle, clothing pig hold paper cutting and massage frame are set on round table which place in visible corner of the wedding venue.  Map paper is cut in Small Squares to write the massage and put it in the bottle to remove the thirst of bottle.

Anchor wedding guestbook:

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Wood crafted personalized bride or groom named anchor is dreamy and joyful guestbook create fun making environment.  It best option for beach or nautical theme wedding. Anchor is neatly design with sisal robe and wood. Place white or black inked pen   to let the guest to write their comments.  Here in this wedding rustic and nautical accent combine to make wedding celebration special.

Pebbles guestbook:

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Pebbles and small stone are delicate and funky material to sing the wedding guest book it surprised the guest.  Collection mini stones and put them on bowl or try and ask guest to sign each pebble with colorful marker. There we different ways of pebble signing.   They can sign and put pebble with other or thrown in the bottle place beside it.  Here white smooth finishing pebbles place in square try along with red and green color marker to sign.

Thumb expression guestbook:

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Guest book is the treasure for the couple getting down the aisle. As they have lot of wished, advises and tip for their upcoming life which they spend together.  Wedding guest book is staple in every wedding.  Now in this day there is lot of creative ideas replacing the tradition wedding guest books.  Here a canvas is place on table top along with rainbow color. Tree outline is drawn with black color and the guest has to complete it with their thump expression. Each color has different meaning which associated with guest emotion.

Personalized canvas guestbook:

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Romantic heart drop guest book:

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Canvas and brush guestbook for wedding:

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Vinyl record wedding guest book:

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Thumb printed fall in love guest book:

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