Wedding Accessories

Ideas about Night before Wedding Day


You are in last movement of your old life and now go to start new life with your groom. What should you do, and prepare before wedding night is most essential for you. Here our best ideas with great detail more help you. You can make best time table before wedding day. Go through from below images.

Take A Healthy Diet:


Eat greasy pizza and cool ranche Doritos, fresh fruit, and whole grain before 24 hours of your wedding day. These foods won’t have you waking up with food hangover on your special day.

Drink Lot of Water:


Keep cold lots of water near your bed; make sure you spend the water that will keep safe you from dehydration, stress, and running.

Get A Good Night Sleep:


You should need to take full sleep that will keep you fresh during your decent hours.

Turn Your Phone On Silent:


Say good bye to your cell phone after checking face book and answering with frantic text.

Write A Love Note T Your Groom:


Before the ceremony right a massage or love note to your groom can either love, sweet, sexy and sweet. You can write like these note “where we are going after the wedding party”, or I cannot wait to be your wife”. With this love note your groom become more excited and want to meet you at the end of aisle!

Pack A Bag Or Clutch With Personal Items:


Put all personal accessories to your reception clutch and post the bag to wedding point person, who wait of you with your bridal dress.

Enjoy Mani And Pedi:


While you are get fresh skin polish I recommend you to add 1o minute massage.

Wash Your Hair:


Washing your hair and make them fresh it means free from smell. Apply apple shampoo and conditioner that shine your hair in silky smooth mood.

Check Your Wedding Dress And Shoes:


Your wedding dress is one of the most important that show your beauty look. You should check it will nothing wrong, still fit as you want. See entire wedding dress before one day wedding. Make practice walking in your wedding shoes on all type of floor. If uncomfortable and disturb you than changed.

Designate A Person To Be In Charge:


Select a person outside for immediate bridal party that take charge of last movement for question. For example if your photographer late this person make sure to do arrange quickly.  In charge person also collect the gifts from guest tables.

Put All Together in An Emergency Kit:


On your wedding day may be occur different factor so you should be prepare with related emergency kit, include bobby pin, mascara, lipstick, shoe insert, tissue, hair spray, face powder and so….. other things.

Focus On Yourself:


We understand your wedding day can be stressful for you. So keep your mind relax enjoy a spa room treatment. Listen your favorite music and just keep an eye on yourself with happy mood.

Spend Time With Your Family:


You should spend more time with your family; because these are not only a movement celebrate love with your family members. Its good time for you to gossip with your family and share old memories, siblings about what they expect on the bid day of your life.