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Lovely look Heart Shaped Wedding Favors


Pass heart shaped wedding favor to your wedding guest and they will memorized your wedding. Some wedding favors are as that every morning sees your guest. In our collection heart shaped tea infuser, little tin, spoon, bottle opener, birdseed heart, coffee scoop, pink cake, bath bomb wedding favor are include. Look below!

Heart Shaped Spoon Box:

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Stainless steel heart shape spoon you can select as favor for your coming guest on your wedding. Heart shape spoon box decorate with tulle from center in bow style. Spoon idea is memorable that remain your guest longtime and appreciate you for this kind loving thanks gift.

Heart Shape Favor Tins:

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Buy lovely favor tins in which you can easily display all kinds of goods. With White heart shaped tins attach escort card to display on reception. These small size but cute tins are made of aluminum material. Your guest will enjoy log time heart shape tins that never tarnish because these are in high quality.

Victorian Heart Shape Bottle Opener:

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Give Victorian style heart shape bottle opener to your wedding guest. This is an old fashion skeleton key that reminds your guest about your wedding every day when they open bottle. Love signatures are print on hand of heart face bottle opener.

Heart Shaped Tea Time Infuser:

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What a interesting gift tea time infuser that memorized every morning to your guest. Its cute wedding favor that made of metal and give charm appearance. You can finish tea infuser box with sheer or organza ribbon in bow style. Its personalize style tea infuser for wedding gift.

Birdseed Heart Shape Wedding Favor:

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Birdseed wedding favor is Diy idea that adds little interest in your wedding. Its inexpensive and eco-friendly wedding favor for that little material you will need. You should need flour, water, corn syrup, birdseed and envelope unflavored gelatin. You can arrange the material in heart tin when dry hang in rustic rope.

Heart Shape Coffee Scoop:

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8 wonderful heart shaped wedding favors (12)Heart shaped coffee scoop are selected for wedding favor. White satin ribbon is tie in bow style at end of coffee scoop. Stainless steel crafted coffee scoop are useful.  This is wedding souvenir that you can display with red rose.

Pink Cake Wedding Favor:

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Lovely look pink color cakes are best for wedding favor. You can also enjoy these little cakes to decorate the table. Tasty cake much like your wedding guest as gives incredible appearance.

Heart Style Bath Bomb:

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Bath bombs mixture of dry material to add oil, scent, colors and bubble in bathwater. These handmade heart shape bath bomb you can pass as wedding favor to your coming guest. Wrap the wedding favor in square box.

Heart Shape Mint Box:

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Heart shaped metal box are for mint storage. You can use these boxes as wedding favor. Stunning look heart shaped wedding favor tin when pass your guest with white mint.

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