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Natural Wood Box Centerpiece Wedding Ideas


Make a fantastic table centerpiece on your wedding day. Natural wood box is helping full material with fascinate charm beauty look. You can fill the boxes with colored flowers. Wood boxes are in rectangular and square shape that need wide space in center of table and develop best display. Deep base has the boxes that you can easily arrange the flower bouquet. Lace and burlap bandage wood boxes are giving awesome beauty. For country or outdoor wedding these are perfect piece of centerpiece.

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Rustic Wedding Wood Centerpiece Box:

Wedding table setting considers incomplete unless you include colorful element mean flower box or basket. Wood box become a prominent part of rustic wedding that fill with colorful flower feature.raw beauty of wooden box give elegant look on burlap and laser cut white lace table runner. Tea candles are drop all around the wooden box in a series.

Baby Breath & Lace Wooden Box Centerpiece:


Baby breath flower bouquet gives snow fall cool scene. Square shape natural wood box help in easy arrangement of country wedding table. Burlap and white lace bandage outside the box. Nice to look on round table this baby breathe flower and lace wooden box. Focal image create in center of table that appeal charm surrounding. Champion glass and little candles are making fence around the centerpiece.

Birch Bark Wooden Box Wedding Centerpiece:


Spring flowers are spectacular assortment for wedding centerpiece. Coral and green make love contras with birch bark and aspen branches. Dry sugar cane leaves are collected for bending the wooden box. Big size flower box set in center of table that has white cloth base. Romantic scene develops in attention of tea candles.

Orange Rustic Wood Centerpiece:


For celebrating rustic wedding orange flower, white peonies, and pink flower are drop down in wooden box. Rectangular and square shape pair of boxes is main source for conducting the centerpiece. Dark wood box with colorful flower add glamorous beauty on wedding table. Champion glasses, big and small size candles are look close table focal piece.

Mr & Mrs Wooden Box Centerpiece:


Burlap table runner has top Mr & Mrs wooden box. Flower wooden box centerpiece gives delicate look. Wooden box signature show that table only decorates for couples. Different types and color flowers get wide attention I rustic wooden box. Simple but durable wooden box long can use long time. Easy arrange the couple centerpiece with natural flowers like show in above image.

Outdoor Wedding Wood Box Centerpiece:


Amazing colorful arrangement is making over on outdoor wedding table. Pure white round table beauty extends with natural flower fragrance and wood box. Square wood box get small space in center of table with bright look. Table no listed on black paper and stand in center of flower. An outdoor table centerpiece is attracts others and impress them.

Gold Wood Box Centerpiece:


Wedding centerpiece has much importance as other decoration. Dark wood box furnished with glittery flower jar and orange flower. In white surrounding dark piece give bright and shimmering expression. Glittery wedding decoration gets final look with this centerpiece idea. White and orange flower release fragrance that touch people heart.
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