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Best Ever Flower-Topped Wedding Cakes Ideas


Flower topped wedding cake flourishing become prettiest trend which successfully brings refreshing and pleasant accent in wedding. Fresh or sugar flower decorative wedding cake are the most visible cake focus by every wedding. It flawless suited in each wedding theme either retro-rustic vintage-modern, simple-sophisticated and Spring-fall weddings.

Flower is symbols of beauty. Fresh blossom in vibrant color add romantic and love packed tone to make wedding day special. Mostly we talk about flower wedding cake in which flower are incredibly used to adorn cake in cascading, layered style. Flower topped wedding cake, at the first time, going to discuss here. Here we talk about the way of flourishing wedding cake top with zing flower details.

Lovely spring blossom-toped wedding cake:


Look at this dreamy personalized bride and groom wedding cake gorgeously festooned with fresh flowers, blossoms and greenery. It spring wedding cake brings water in mouth. Creamy almond cake is made in single layer. Burgundy, orange and blush peony flower are fabulously set at the top with lushy details while crush almond coated give to decor base.

Fresh flower-topped wedding:


It rejuvenates cake for burgundy and gold theme rustic wedding. Golden edible glitter coated wedding cake is breathtakingly graced with fresh flower recently cutout from the branches.  Wine and orange color glower, green leaves decorated cake is pleasant addition.

Peonies flower wedding cake:


Chocolaty cake is amazingly decorated with fresh sugar whipped creams layering, naked chocolate and creamy round tower cake is beautifully loaded with peonies flower, fresh flower and creamy layered boost-up it design. It’s opulent cake for countryside wedding going to held I spring and summer seasons.

Flower-topped spring cake:


Double layer creamy wedding cake is jaw-dropping addition in this coral theme wedding. Spring flowers are flawlessly applied to adorn wedding cake top. This cake is nice in taste and also appeals by it decoration. I’m sure friends and families don’t forget you wedding cake.

Single flower top wedding cake:


It’s stylish and prettiest wedding cake for rustic wedding get visible grace in greeny background. it simple yet exotic way to adorn cost-effective wedding cake pink and white wedding cake is lovely adorn with  larger pink flower and creamy coating. Whipped creamy fabulously used to make a neat pearls line around the cake while coconut shredding give romantic appeal.

Flower topped tiered wedding cake:


triple tiered ruffle inspired round wedding cake is magnificently adorn with  pink and blush peonies and lushy details to celebrate rustic farm wedding in whimsical style. It’s opulent wedding cake for fall weddings,

Fake-flower topped wedding cake:


Intricately hand-cut white sugar rose crafted wedding cake show the craft ability of the person who makes it. It’s simple yet romantic wedding cake for white theme wedding. Pearls ad hands cut leave are pasted to make a lovely border around the cake. I love this winter of fall wedding cake.

 Neon flower decorative wedding cake:


Hack this heart-touching noon wedding cake to celebrate wedding day in unusual style, hot pink and orange strips are dramatically wrapped around the cake to get artsy geometrical glam while fresh flower decorative top make it more attractive. Four tiered wedding cake is splendid option for retro-chic weddings.

Turquoise flower-topped wedding cake:


Floral overloaded wedding cake let you drop the jaw when you out your sights on its. It enthralling and cool wedding cake especially design for spring inspired turquoise wedding. Neatly turquoise creamed coated single layer wedding cake fabulously festooned with roses, peonies, blossoms, dahlia and white flower arrangement. It romantic wedding compliment steals hearts.
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