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Innovative Basket Weaving Wedding Cake Ideas

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Wedding cake is statement and glorious piece in wedding water the mouth if it presented is delicate way. There are endless ideas of wedding cake yet here we talk about Basket weaving wedding   cakes really an unexpected addition in wedding. Basket waving is flawlessly adorned with lace lattice and icing ribbons work with delightful flower and fruits arrangement.  Basket weaving wedding cake is beautifully assembled with white icing along with little colory touch.

You can bring inspiration charm with colorful icing cake.  Basket weaving wedding is elegant dessert all seasonal wedding. In summer and spring wedding adorn cake with fresh fruits such as plums, apples, strawberry, figs and concord grapes as well as flowers. While in winter and fall basket waving cake is amazingly adorn with maple leaves, face icing flower and other wintery ornaments. Although you can give any effect of you own choice.  Basket weaving wedding are vary from single to multi tired style. Here select the most appealing and rejuvenating Basket weaving wedding for my fans. 2

Multi-tiered basket wedding cake:

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Tripe tired wedding cake is really interesting and eye-popping addition in country side and rustic wedding.  Brownish color basket weaving cake is dramatically adorned with concord grapes, berries and figs. This fruity basket wedding cake is inspiration cake for big-day celebration.  It unique and whimsical look surprised the guest.

Basket wedding cake with hydrangea flower adornment:

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Here look at this enthralling wedding cake design with basket waving techniques. It feels like two hydrangea flower fill basket put over each other. It mind-bellowing and captivating ideas to make you day celebration special and unforgettable. It perfect wedding cake if you are going to organized  spring or hydrangea flower theme wedding, omber blue and green hydrangea cluster  are scattered adorn the cake and also used to adorn cake topper.

Strawberry basket wedding cake:

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Are you going to getting down the aisle and desire a wedding cake which bring refreshing and exciting touch in wedding decoration? Let look at this eye-pleasing and playful basket weaving wedding cake. I love this idea.  Triple tired white sugar wedding cake is design in basket weaving style and graced with juicy red strawberries and white flower.  Each tire topper is adorning nicely to get the visible charm.

 Amazing basket weaving wedding cake:

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Basket wedding cake need perfection and extra time for decoration but you can get adorable and mesmerizing cake to make you big-day special. Multi tired wedding cake is best option if you are going to invited huge number of guest but is you desired to bring single wedding cake then try these elegant ideas to serve single wedding cake. Multi step ivory wedding basket cake is adorned with dough flowers. Its wonderful cake inspired from with Disney land series.

Concord grapes graced basket wedding cake:

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Concord grapes and pink flower decorative basket wedding cake create soft and romantic tone in wedding decoration.  White cream and sugar flower festooned cake is eye-popping addition in spring and summer wedding. Concord grapes and lushy tint glow up the cake charm.  Triple tired wedding cake is set on white and golden cake stand. Wine bottles, glass and leaf decorate guest boxes are also set on the cake table for visible grace.

Spring basket wedding cake:

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Whatever the design and size of the wedding cake the main thing is how you serve it nicely which create delicate and romantic surrounding.  Flower is awesome choice to adorn wedding cake which brings natural and fresh feelings. Here basket weaving cake is adorned with peony and ranunculus flowers.  Green leaves also used to adorn topper of the cake.  Five tired round basket weaving cake base is also surrounded with pink and peach color spring flowers.

Daisy flower decorative basket weaving cake:

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Basket wedding cake is the appealing and mouthwatering wedding cake really inspired me. It’s too beautiful and good looking grabs attention. I’m sure everyone surprised when look it first time.  White sugar   triple tired wedding cake is brilliantly adorn with spring slower especially daisy flower. Flower brings botanical charm while the basket weaving texture adds rustic touch. It’s playful and zingy wedding cake for rustic backyard, farm and barn weddings.

Lovely triple tired wedding cake:

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Pink flower decorative lattice wedding basket weaving cake in triple tires is elegant and interesting item in winter and fall wedding.  Fake flower are elegantly used to decor wedding cake.  Pastel color cake is put on vintage white painted cake stand. It the visible cake in winter wedding.

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