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Lovely Wedding Cake Topper Designs Ideas


Cake topper is the decorative wedding cake accessory that can fascinate your lovely wedding cake.  Wedding cake is most opulent item in wedding ceremony.  It is the ritual fro wedding cake cu ceremony. On wedding function couple can cut the cake on their wedding reception. Lovely and romantic cake topper can get astonish glam on your wedding cake ceremony and get sped touch on couple.  In this post you can see lovely romantic bride Mr.  & Mrs. Cake toppers are decorated wedding cake and add dramatically glam on your wedding cakes. Let’s try this lovely wedding cake topper for your wedding cake and make memorable your wedding function with this unique idea.

Cute lovely wedding cake topper idea:


In this image you can see lovely wedding with cake topper idea. Dulcet white cream flower embellished wedding cake can grab the attention in wedding ceremony with this balls embellished boy and girl look cake topper. It can add romantic hue on your wedding cake.  Let’s try on your wedding reception and get dreamy charm your wedding function.

Love metallic cake topped with rose embellishment:


Love wedding cake topper can add lovely charm with colorful flower cake topping idea. White 3 tier wedding cake is looking fabulous with their great embellishment. Simple plain 3 tier wedding cake is placed on silver metallic cake stand and decorated with colorful flowers and love cake topper idea.

Glitter “Arrow” featured cake topper for wedding:


Here is outstanding metallic glittery wedding cake topper that can add dramatically hue on your cake cut ceremony.  Glittery arrow as a cake topper brings eye-catching hue on this cake. This unique cake topper can get center of attention on wedding reception guest. You may also try this unique style wedding cake and give enchanting glam on your modern indoor wedding reception.

Glittery Mr. and Mrs. Cake topper look:


In this picture glittery metallic Mr. & Mrs.  Cake topper is fascinated your simple plain white wedding cake. Flowers are fascinated on the boarder of the cake plate and get lovely hue in wedding ceremony with this lovely gold glittery wedding cake topper fascination idea. You may also decorate with your wedding cake with this unique style and get amusing glam on yoru weding day.

Wedding couple black cake topper fro red velvet cake:


In this image you can see red velvet 2 tier wedding cake is looking yummy with gorgeous black couple cake topper embellishment. Red velvet wedding cake can get prominent hue on your modern wedding reception.  This lovely wedding cake is the surprise of wedding couple with this unique cake topper design. Let’s try on your wedding day and get charming touch on your wedding cake cut ceremony.

Lovely bird fall wedding cake topper idea:


Here is 3 tier fall wedding cake that can fascinate with lovely bird Mr. and Mrs. Cake topper. These bird cake toppers are also fascinated with back bow ribbon ad female bird is adorned with wedding veil ad stones embellishment. These lovely bird cake toppers can fascinated your fall themed brush stroke wedding cake. Let’s try for your fall wedding function.

Romantic couple cake topped with rose idea:


Here are 3 tiers lovely wedding cake can fascinate with red rose and romantic couple cake topper. This delicious white wedding cake is adorned with red ribbon boarder and red rose blooms ad romantic couple cake topper design. This lovely cake can get astonishing glam on your wedding reception.

Cartoon couple wedding cake topper:


In this image you can see cartoon couple wedding cake topper that can fascinated your wedding cake.  Dry tree branches can also decorated your 3 tier wedding cake and get dreamy charm of your wedding cake cut ceremony. Wedding guest can enjoy this ceremony and make memorable your wedding function.