Wedding Cake & Sweets

Praise-Worthy Taller Wedding Cakes


There are endless fun making ideas to celebrate wedding in dramatic way but taller wedding cake has no compliment. It enthralling and wow-worthy wedding cake allow you to bring a twist.  Are you ever attending a wedding celebrated with extremely larger and taller wedding cake?

Who you feel there? Must replay me in comment box. Actually taller wedding cake is elegant ay of double up a middle length wedding cake.  I these cakes mostly design with more the five to seven tiers. Well decorated taller wedding cake splendid idea to bring newness in traditional wedding.

It considered statement compliment in royal and highly crowded wedding. Here we bring jaw-dropping design of taller wedding cake to make cake cutting ceremonial special and unforgettable.

Sparkling pink huge cake:


It creates fascinating charm to create dramatic surrounding. It romantic pink wedding cake designer is taller length. It too bigger then a normal tiered wedding cake. Roundly tiered wedding cakes blink with edible silver glitter, crystal and flower embellishment.

Vintage taller wedding cake with gold accent:


It royal theme vintage inspired wedding cake show off the status of the newlywed couple. Sugar coated seven roundly tired wedding cake fabulously festooned with edible metallic gold and fake flowers. This cake is bases over larger square base which let it to stay balance for long time. Floral and ruffles embellished taller cake is really steal hearts.

Extremely taller Cascading wedding cake:


Bring an unaccepted and surprising glam captures the sights through taller wedding cake.  I’m sure this wedding cake   forces everyone to look again and again after first sight.  White and pink flower decorative wedding cake consists on five tiers.  Here mille length wedding cake spectacularly doubles by putting two additional layers along with cake stand. Copper finishing cake stand with crystal dangle add luxe accent.  Fresh flower wrapped in cascading style to scattered spring charm.

Flower decorated huge wedding cake:


Eight tiered and widely spread creamy sugar coated wedding cake is visible ornament of retro inspired wedding.  Pink and purple flower cake topper and base decoration allow it to blend with wedding theme decoration as pink and purple hues incorporated to adorn entire wedding venue. Ice-sugar crafted ribbon bows and ruffles embellishment make it more attractive. This huge wedding cake is really heartouching idea for those who want to make fun there bid-day.

Extremely larger wedding cake:


In this wedding couple feels like prince and princess who cut a wedding cake for their public. White creamy giant cake is baffling addition in this royal traditional wedding, hundreds of white flowers used to adorn this tremendous wedding cake. Cascading flowed placement make it more attractive. It is stunning white wedding cake for winter weddings.  Ten tiers wedding cake nearly touches chandelier light hang just over it while it approximately cover entire table top.

Fairy-tale inspired taller wedding cake:


It fairy tale inspired white wedding cake ingeniously design for this royal wedding.  I’ love the way in which cake decorated to present complete sense.   White silk wrapped pumpkin shaped castle is place as the cake stand while flower decorative tiers nearly closer to the roof ceiling. It extremely unexpected cake design create wow factor.

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