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Wedding Cake and their Modern Stands Design Ideas


Cake stands are the center of attention in wedding reception.  Wedding cake is also one of the rituals of western wedding so these cakes are placed on modern style cake stand.  You can make memorable their wedding function with unique and modern style cake stand on it yummy cakes.

Here are some modern and ultra chic style cakes and their stands that can make amazing their wedding.

Multi sizes  wedding cake stand idea:


Plastic wedding cake stand set for different sizes cakes bring romantic charm in wedding reception. White and blue decorative flower cakes bring eye pleasing charm in their modern style wedding reception. Transparent high to low wedding cake stands can get center of attention in their indoor wedding function.  4 different size cakes with stands can add interesting charm in their wedding.

Modern style crystal cake stand design:


5 stair stepping style large to small cakes can add fascinating glam on crystal cake stand. Ultra mod style cake stand wit side candle holder set bring tremendous glam on their glimpse enormous glam in their wedding reception. Sophisticated look cake with cake stand can add inviting glam in their wedding function. You may also make memorable their wedding with this outstanding cake stand. On it round cake is placed with peach flower decoration.

Rustic look cake stands for wedding:


3 tier twisted simple plain wedding cake can arranged on rustic look cake stand and bring aesthetic glam on their wedding function.  Simple white cake bring brighten charm with purple flower decoration.  In outdoor wedding ceremony rustic cake stand bring delightful charm in their wedding. Simple but graceful look stand make dreamy their wedding.

Antique silver cake stand for 3 tier lovely cake:


Antique silver cake stand can glimpse tremendous glam on their wedding function. 3 tier quotation featured rose icing cakes bring enormous charm. “Love Life and Laugh” featured cute wedding cake can give the lesson of life. It is good message for newlywed couple. Steel made antique look cake stand can get center of attention in their wedding function.

Crystal dangling cake stand idea:


Copper colored metallic lactic designing cake stand is looking fabulous with their dangling crystals.  3 tier fancy cakes can take place on modern style cake stand. 3 tier cakes can be styled with small to large sized double tone cake. Top small peach beaded cake with center golden simple plain cake and edge flowery embellishment cake can appeals their wedding reception.

Omber cake with dangling crystal stand idea:


Omber flowery cake with dangling crystal glass top cake stand can add yummy charm in their wedding reception. Burgundy colored ribbon can rap on the edge of the cake stand. It is unique gift of couple for their wedding function and makes memorable their wedding with this unique style cake and their stand.  It can placed on flowery printed table and enhance their beauty glam with their chic styling.

Tree featured metallic  cake stand ideas:


Tree featured metallic cake stand can glimpse garden themed wedding cake touch. Huge ultra mod style cake stand with garden themed different soft colored cakes are center of attention on wedding reception table.  Peach, white, baby pink, light green shade cakes can highly embellished with flowers  make memorable their wedding. Modern style cake with their cake stand bring appealing charm in their wedding.

Wooden and flowery cake stand  for flowery wedding cake:


Wooden made square shaped simple plain cake stand bring interesting charm in their indoor wedding tables. Edge floral printing round cake stand bring intricate glam on their flower icing decorative 3 tier cakes.  Cute appearance wedding cake can placed as a center piece on their wedding venue. Modern style double cake stand can allure their cake decoration.


Wedding cake stand can get center of attention so unique and modern style cake stand pick up and decorate their wedding reception with modern style cake and their stands.