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Wow-Worthy Cake for Beach Wedding

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Salty breeze, Sandy floor, wider spread tropical and water background, sunset  and romantic wedding cake are charming factor permit festive surrounding to exchange wedding ring and vows effectively that will bound you forever.

Ocean side is incredibly romantic space for such celebration. Almost we talk about every element, of beach wedding from bride dress to photography, other than wedding cake. Now we choose wedding cake for recent topic. Cake is delicious and mouthwatering detail grabs guest attentions.

Opulent cake decoration and displaying method are real job that make wedding day celebration unforgettable. Here we bring interesting beach wedding cake that you can’t stay without saying wow.

Dreamy beach wedding cake:


Yummy! Must-taste this rejuvenating cake. Four-tiered creamy cake is made for beach wedding celebrations. Fresh flower, succulent and chocolate dip strawberries ingeniously apply to fascinate breath tacking cake that will delight everyone. Gold color “better-together” cake topper sing increase its charm.

Nautical wedding cake:

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Pop in nautical charm while decorating playful cake for beachside wedding. Colors and sea creations are lovely details give attractive appeal to simply creamy cake. Four tire round cake allure with seashells, corals, and Seaform green starfish. Its delightful cake bound you in mysterious spell of underwater world.

Sun-set inspired beach wedding cake:

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Celebrate your-big-day on the beachside in unusual style. Sun-set is the most romantic time to exchange wedding vows. Watch this eye-catching cake best work in sunset beach wedding celebrations.  Orange and pink make darling combination. Sun behind Palm tree, fresh flowers, seashells and romantic cake topper incredibly make dazzling cake for beach wedding.

Tropical beach wedding cake:

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Tropical has stronger relation with beach that way beach wedding feel incomplete without tropical details. Tropical greenery and flower are flawless material to accent cake to complete the ceremony.  Wavy pattern triple-tire wedding cake fascinated with pink lily, Anthodium, knows as queen of flower, other name is flamingo-lily, and spider mum flower decoration look awesome. Glossy and fresh leafs use to make elegant base to display cake attractively.

Marble cake for wedding:

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Decorated gemstones and pearls are lovely details increase charm of this beach wedding cake yet the real feel comes through marble effects. Water color marble painted white and teal color wedding cake perfectly reflects nautical charm. It will lead beach wedding decoration to the next level richly seem in future. Triple tire cake gives festive appeal.

Hawaiian-special hand painted cake:

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Hawaiian special beach wedding cake is darling details catch all eyes. Colorful and sophisticated cake becomes true charm of big-day decoration. It also festooned in tropical theme. Tie-dye effects apply to draw beautiful scenery. Charming cake topper, pointy needle leaf and red hibiscus flower used to adorn cake. Creamy fringe skirt wrap around the base layered. Seashells also add to complete nautical charm.

Mint ombre cake:

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Ombre cake go-hand-to-hand for wedding celebration during last season and also has greater demand in future.  Ombre is actually a dying technique. Mint color ombre cake is delightful element   for beach wedding. Ribbon texture four tire cake look incredibly gorgeous in simple style. Pastel color fake flower consume to adorn for extra touch.

Blush wedding cake:

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Peach and blush hue reveal vibe that make this wedding cake even more attractive. Whipped cream pearls, seashells and coral look amazing. It’s opulent cake for daylight beach wedding celebration during summer.

Boho beach wedding cake:

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Naked beach wedding cake:

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