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Black & Red Vampire Wedding Theme Ideas

Dramatic look vampire wedding theme gives unique style to celebrate the wedding. In this wedding theme each and every thing get terrible face that give make coming guest crazy. Mostly red to black color theme get for enjoyable wedding decoration. Vampire wedding looks easy to attain that much inspired people. You will get bridal dress to aisle wedding decoration idea for this gothic wedding scene.

Vampire Theme Wedding Bridal Dress:


Horrible theme wedding dress give warmth feelings even in spaghetti strap ruffle ball gown style. Bodice of gown fully embellished with sweetheart neckline. Tissue fabric utilize in floor length pleated gown that give fit ad flare expression. Dark black color gown make attractive look on bridal fair body skin. In next one image bridal looks in strapless ball gown that touch the floor base. Burst area of bridal dress decorates with red tissue fabric. Silk layered gown shine in dark night.

Warmth Black and Love Red Bridesmaid Dresses:


In vampire theme wedding bridesmaids also inspired and select red and black wedding dress over all look. She adorns illusion neckline sheath tea length dresses. Neckline design with net fabric gives cool accent. Red color heel pumps she wears in fair feet that appear nude legs. Red flower bouquet she holds in her hand that give love environment.

Elegant Calla-Lily Flower Bouquet:


Burgundy color funnel shape calla lily flower really cute within green leaves. Bridal choose the flower bouquet that give perfect idea to enjoy vampire wedding.

Blood Tip down Handkerchief:


Groom dress up three-piece suit and enjoy vampire wedding. Blood tip down handkerchief give interesting look. Every one enjoys and appreciates the wonderful idea of groom dress.

Dramatic Vampire Wedding Ring:


Vampire Wedding ring ceremony celebration can enjoy with above image define idea. In Red and black color box wedding ring is safe. Both part of ring box are join with golden pin that can help in lock the box easily.

Vampire Theme Wedding Cake Decoration:


Four-tire vampire wedding cake decorates with black and red fabric lace. Top of sweet cake make over with bridal crown style. Vintage style cake stand give best height to black and red blood cake.

Vampire Love Reception Table Decoration:


Gothic wedding round table decorates with blood red material. Red color flower bouquet makes center space with side champion glass and tea candles. Blood red napkin is cover-up in food plate. Vintage style black paint chair treat with red silk ribbon and silver buckle with this material chair top band from back.

Hot Candle for Vampire Wedding:


Glossy look candles are create romantic scene with black base. Pinecone is get for high placing the silver candles.  Ring style net wrap around the each candle.

Terrible Vampire Wedding Photo Scene:


Bridal in white color dress while groom in black both are stand between of couple of bridesmaid and groom maid. Groom hold the bridal shoulder and bridal put one hand on her shoulder ad with other show are veil.

Vampire Wedding Outdoor Decoration:


Vampire theme outdoor wedding decoration makes arrangement so easy with little material. Under a big tree black and golden chair are place in two series with center aisle burn lantern. Some lanterns are hanging with tree branches that give much light to each corner.  Red and black color flower bouquet inspired guest that place in root of tree.

Vampire Theme Couple Table Decoration:


Luxe beauty of couple table appears in front of green and red flower vein. Black color golden print fabric covered the round table o that big size bouquet is place. Green plant vain starts from end and go on table. Romantic love cushion give relax able seating to bridal and groom.

Gothic Wedding Barn Chandelier:


Gothic wedding chandelier decorates with dry grass and candles lights. For illuminate the bar ceiling number of chandeliers is hanged in a series. Big size chandelier on each circle has three to four burn candles.

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