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Cool Coral Wedding Theme Ideas


Coral is mixture of orange, pink, peach colors that inspired people for wedding theme. Darker hue present when you get on her wedding day. Versatile shade you can show in each and every segment of wedding. Here we show wedding theme with cake, bridal shoes, bridesmaid dresses, groom boutonnieres and tie, cocktail table decoration, wedding back drop, bridal bouquet and many other ideas. I hope you mill much inspired with this bright coral color decoration for big day.

Ruffle Coral Wedding Cake:

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In above image with pink and orange color amalgamation coral theme wedding cake is selected. Four tire square shape coral and white ruffle style cake enough for number of guest. Orange color flower punched at one corner of the cake. Coming guest can much impress with your cake decoration and selection.

Lace Heel Bridal Shoes:

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With her white wedding gown bridal can easily match coral ballet shoes. Cute bow style make on toe of shoes with flat features. Under these style ballet shoes bridal long time can relax and easy move. Bright look of coral shoes appear in pure white gown.

Fresh Orange Flower Bridal Bouquet:

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Fresh orange flower bouquet with green leaves enhance the beauty. Same color and kind of flower groom set in her pocket. Sweet fragrance of flower spread in surrounding and everyone feel happy. Pass flower to groom show the deep love of bridal. Which kind flower you should choose for wedding that long time keep fresh you can get idea from above image.

Bridesmaid Sleeveless Dresses:

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The dressing of bridesmaid for wedding coral theme also play important role. You can see in above image sleeveless long and short waist belted dresses. Sexy look of bridesmaid appear in one shoulder long maxi dress. Pink, white, blue and peach flower are look in crown and bouquet. Stud embellished flat sandals she wears in coral dresses.

Cork Flower Groom Boutonnieres:

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Easy Diy groom boutonnieres with cork and fake flower material. If groom wear black and white pent coat suit orange flower will give bright image. Interesting idea is cork and flower that full fill the coral theme wedding demand. Cork with top flower decoration groom can easily set in their coat pocket.

Groom Dressing With Orange Tie:

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All groom boy look so happy on their friend marriage. They dress up black and white pent suit with orange tie. Bright orange color sparks in their neck and gives stunning impression.

Flower Petals Wedding Aisle:

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You can decorate the wedding aisle with sweet flower petals. Set by step pink, yellow, orange and white petals layer is make. It may be fun idea of flower petal aisle decoration for your big day.

Coral Wedding Cocktail Table Decoration:

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For coral wedding theme how you can decorate the cocktail table get idea from above image. Silk fabric fully cover the table and gray strip used for bend in bow style. Silver small jar fill with orange flower and display over the table.

Coral Theme Wedding Backdrop:

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You can arrange a gorgeous style wedding backdrop with an old door and bunch of flowers. For Coral theme wedding orange color flowers are selected that vine hand over the door and on side pole.

Coral Theme Wedding Photo Shoot:

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In wedding at last movement you need to enjoy a group photo shoot with all bridesmaid and groom that memorized in future. Bride and groom are in center with both side groom boy and girl. They all are passing cute smile that show their happy mood.
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