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How to Organized Feather Themed Wedding

1 feather wedding table decoration 1 lights with featjer decoration 1 wedding reception decor with feather

Hi! Here we talk about themed wedding. It can add tremors glam and make special your wedding function. On themed wedding many ideas that make impressive you’re wedding function. Feather themed is a splendid idea that can make elegant your wedding function. On feather themed wedding bride and groom dress, bridal jewelry shoes fashion accessories center pieces aisle decoration entry decor wedding cake each and every thing designed with real and artificial feathers. It can make memorable your wedding with their great feather adoration. It is prettiest wedding complement that can fulfill your themed wedding requirement.

Feather invitation card on themed wedding:

2 feather style wedding card03

Feather wedding invitation card is one the main item of feathered themed wedding.  Feather embellished invitation card bring inspiring glam on coming guest. In this way guest think about wedding reception and bring tremendous charm on them.  You can see number of invitation card but feather fastening card is seen at first time that can bring whole image of wedding reception adoration.

Feather themed bridal ball gown:

3 feather bridal dress

Feather bridal dress can add fascinating glam on them. Feather edge ball gown can be styled with stone embellished sweet heart neckline.  Romantic bridal feather dress brings exciting glam on your feather themed wedding. Dress matching jewelry and gloves make princess at their display look. It is perfect for feather themed wedding.

Grooms dress adoration with guinea fowl feathers:

4 feather boutonnieres for groomsmen

On feather themed wedding groom tie bow and   coat brooch can also designed with Guinea fowl feather.  It can add dreamy glam on your wedding reception. Bride and groom both is main person for whom wedding is organized. So bride and groom dress bring feather touch and give stimulating hue in this themed wedding.

Feather bridal bouquet design:

5 stunning black feather wedding bouquet

Cute bridal feather bouquets can also centre of attention in feather themed wedding.  Black pigeon feathers can fastened on bridal bouquet. Center plump and purple flower along with feather embellishment bouquet bring magnificent glam on bride appearance on wedding day. You can also make memorable your wedding with feather wedding bridal bouquet handling.

Peacock feather peep toe wedding pumps:

6 feather bridal shoes

Wedding feather shoes can be styled with peacock feather can fastened on with side of peep toe pumps.  High heeled silver wedding shoes can add gleaming charm with their dress wearing style. Peacock feather add brightness on your modern feather themed wedding. High heeled on one side Dorsey pumps bring aesthetic hue in your pumps with peacock feather embellishment.

  Black and white lovely feather themed wedding cake:

7 black white feathers wedding cake

Here is cute lovely feather wedding cake bring thought-provoking glam on your wedding reception. Black and white fondant feather top wedding cake is the center of attention on wedding function. Pearls heart and feather embellishment can allure your cake decoration. On themed wedding cake is also one of the main items that can complete your wedding with their great adornment.

Feather reception table center piece idea:

Large ostrich feather display

Feather center piece can center of attention on feather themed wedding. Glass pedestal feather center piece on each table can add splendid glam on your wedding reception. Tables are decorated with their modern crockery and pink table runner and matching chair bow adoration idea. Feather centre piece make elegant your feather themed wedding.

Feather wedding aisle idea:

9 awesome feather wedding decoration

Feather wedding aisle can glimpse tremendous glam on them. In outdoor wedding chair aside dangling pearls with feathers can add magnificent glam on couple entrance. Feathers are placed on the stand of the aisle and give enchanting look on their feather themed wedding. White feather can add heartening glam on entrance of the wedding reception.


Feather themed wedding bring astonishing glam on wedding reception and make memorable your wedding with their highly embellished adornment.