Wedding Colors & Themes

Indoor Wedding Decor Trend Great Looks


Wedding is happiest and cheerful days come one’s in each life that totally change you live in new directions as you have to share you thought, feeling, emotions as well as home, car and other basic essential of lice. Husband and wife are wheels of car that smooth going t ward their destination. Happiness, joy, sorrow comes in life which may affect you life. Occasionally you open wedding photograph album a sweet and joyful smile comes on your face that remove worries and tensions. Wedding is memorable and unforgettable days that always motivate you to face life with courage. After long time a period come you sit among your grandsons and granddaughters and sharing your wedding days that will a mystery and fairy tale story for new generation.


Wedding decoration is essential and core part of wedding planning. Wedding planning take too much time   as it need to careful judged each and every thing that may effects your wedding planning.   Wedding planning includes venue decoration, bridal outfits, wedding cake and many more things that we discuss in further topic in detail. This time we just talk about indoor wedding decoration. Indoor wedding decoration is best spot for wedding.

Here we talk about important points to be considered firstly before decorating indoor wedding.



Location, location and location the main thing is wedding a wedding going to organize. When you plan a wedding first thing is to consider where you plant to decor wedding. Indoor wedding may arrange in church, hotel, restaurants, marriage hall, and banquette hall. You can also choose any location other then religious venues.

Invitation Given To Guest:


Second major issues in wedding are amount of guest invited in weddings. Most people ignore this point that causes to big disaster. Number of guest has greater influences over wedding decoration as you have to arrange proper sitting areas for them. If you pressed bigger amount of invitation cards and greater possibility of guest attendance then you have to select a venue have enough space to handle guest. If fewer guests are invited then it’s good for you as it best to manage wedding   as small scale. Guest amount judgment is important for indoor wedding because you have no alternative in guest exceed from prescribed amount.

Wedding Theme:


After considering wedding location next step is what theme you pick for wedding decoration. There we different themes introduces while arranging wedding. Seasonal, color, romantic, beach, rustic, countryside and many more wedding themes introduces by interior designer. You can also pick any theme of your own choose like princess or fairy tale weddings.



Coloring   brings cheerful and energetic accent in wedding decoration wedding without colors feels just like life without color. This time, purple, white, coral, turquoise, pink and blue   become iconic weddings color. Contrast wedding color also much popular to adorn indoor weddings just like purple/ plum, white/blue, yellow /white, coral/teal, and aqua/turquoise indulge opulence and dramatic accent in wedding decoration.



Drapes and curtains are inspiration wedding ornament used to define walls and roof ceiling. Luxurious silk, chiffon, tulle, net, velvet and organza drapes in vibrant colors   richly become eye-pleasing complement in wedding. Dropping, hanging, wrapping, pleated, and many more styles are common to adorn wedding with drapes. Look at the above photo where hall roof ceiling is fascinatingly covered with white drapes   in jelly fish style with twinkling lights.

Flower Arrangement:


Flower is prettiest decorative accent which bring chic charm and sweet aroma in wedding spot. Rose, daisy, gerberas, peony, sunflower, succulents, orchid and blossom flower become staple part of wedding decoration. Willow branches, green leafy vines also used in defining indoor wedding in whimsical way, flower are amazingly utilize to adorn wedding backdrops, aisles, table centerpieces, chair pews and wedding arch.

Seating Arrangement:


Seating arrangement is also factor necessary for wedding decoration either you adopts traditional, contemporary or modern seating. what style furniture have to choose for sitting as your guest feel comfortable and enjoy wedding all the time. Round, square, rectangular, cocktail wedding table with armless chairs is good addition in wedding spot.



Glowing and illuminating lights transform wedding venue in dream land that you have ever imagined. Without light or improper lighting spoiled entire wedding decoration. Candles, string light, tea lights, paper lantern, hanging chandelier, lanterns and floating lights are eye-pleasing lights lit up entire wedding spot artistically.

Wedding Aisle:


Wedding aisle is visible areas of wedding that come is each sight when bride and groom stepped in wedding venue by capturing their hands and flower bouquets. Long fabric or flower aisle runner wit flower, candles and crystal strings decoration take you in paradise. You feel like and king or queen when stepped in.