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Joyful Mexican Fiesta Theme Wedding Ideas


Mexican theme wedding is great deal for the couples plan their wedding now. Cheerful and flirtatious decoration, lively candy color involvement, delightful food and fun-making fiesta are bigger attractions to plan a Mexican theme wedding.

Joyful ideas borrow from Mexican wedding to celebrate big-day with lots of fun you never made before. Tile coaters, fresh flowers, serapes runners or blankets, popsicles, cantaritos, multicolor tin luminaries, Mexican hand-cut papers, pompom, holy Guacamole are sensational details you can bring together for art-inspire wedding.

Mexican wedding couple:

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Mexican fiesta is interesting thing make big day even more festive and playful. Couple either they go with traditional or non-traditional look recognize their swet smiles.

Mexican bridesmaid attire:

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Embroidered loose fit dresses with low slit cut are amazing ensembles for bridesmaid in Mexican theme wedding. Colorful floral hand embroidery work really looks awesome. Candy color dresses wear under mix and match concept.

 Cheerful Mexican theme backdrop:

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Here is amazing backdrop and arch decoration ideas for Mexican folk art inspire wedding both for indoor and outdoor venue.  Candy color paper flower, pom-pom cones and ribbon streamers decorative arch is flawless ideas for Vow exchanging. Scatter fresh flower or paper garland for jaw-dropping aisle.
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Mexican hand-cut paper art once surprised you.  Look this dramatically gorgeous wood land paper flower decorative art that will introduce with new wonder.

Mexican wedding sweetheart table:

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Giant paper flower or pompom is marvelous details to adorn bride and groom table. These country wedding sweetheart table decorations will show how you can add statement charm in wedding venue.
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Subtle-chic paper flower and pompom garland decorative sweetheart table is impressive solution to give some privacy to couple going to get down the aisle.

Mexican wedding drink display:

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Mexican art theme wedding is amazing ideas to make big-day celebration memorable during warmth days. Summer is perfect time for such wedding. Entertain you honorable guest with Mexican soda or lemonade. Colorful tassel decorative drink station successes in grabbing guest attentions.
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Add more artistic flair with culture sense. Table covers with serape blanker make lovely drink corner.  Server drinks water in Cantaritos.

Mexican wedding buffet:


Countryside and ranch style wedding celebration with Mexican fiesta theme bring more excitement and pleasure. Lots of food item added on buffet table as stomach fill but there are still some dishes you have to taste.  There are different ways of serving Mexican food.  Mud pottery pot, bowl and dishes are amazing ideas to ads extra worth.

Mexican centerpieces:


Centerpieces are true attraction in Mexican theme wedding art. Vibrant color, fresh flower and playful prints involve in reception table decoration just like bohemian wedding. Talavera and Mexican Pottery vase look awesome with lively flower atop.  Taller glass vases are also cheerful details richly involve in effortless centerpieces decoration for longer tables.

Mexican wedding dessert and sweets:



Sweet and dessert are mouthwatering addition in Mexican art inspired wedding. More candies, chocolates and appetizer make more fun.  Candies and sweet display automatically attracts gust and children,

Delicious Mexican theme cake:


How is possible we forget about wedding cake. Cake is fundamental element of every wedding. Mexican wedding cake is totally different for other.  White cake adorn with colorful Mexican flower art.

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