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Romantic “Red Theme “Wedding Ideas


You want to put big-day celebrations at a notch than go for red theme. Red is romantic color also known a color of love. It injects deep feeling of romance in your wedding days. Planning red wedding is quite different from other. Unique details, fresh flower and bold impressions are required for such an incredible planning that surprised everyone.

Red is most just for decorations. You can make it even re specially by wearing red gown, if you love tradition white than pair red accessories, holding red bouquets and cutting red cakes. Let see best way of celebrating red theme wedding.

Bride and groom attire:


Bride and groom wedding attire are top of the list when we talk about wedding celebrations. After theme selections fist think about wedding ensemble. There are no prescribed dress etiquettes for personalities going to get down the wedding aisle. Red gown is sizzling hot choice for bride.

Traditional white also look flawless with red accessories.  Groom can pop a touch of red by adding red ties, bow or even red boutonnieres with black, grey and beige suits. Red suits with denim jeans are incredible way to rock in party with non-traditional look.

Bridesmaid clothing ideas:

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Say you bridesmaid to dress down sexy red dress on your wedding day if you opt to white wedding gown. This way wedding color theme looks more prominent. Wide variety of gorgeous red dresses is introduced for bridesmaid.

Wedding bouquets:

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Flower bouquet is statement element of bride wedding wardrobe. Fresh flower bouquet in red is spectacular way to unify look with wedding theme. Heart shaped red roses bouquets are too popular these days yet you can also make darling bouquet with anemone, tulip and roses in any style. Wide flower red bouquet is splendid accessory for rustic to bohemian theme weddings.

Bridal accessories:


Accessories such as shoes, clutch, headpieces and jewelry are staple compliment play leading role in bride appreciations.  Red shoes and hair accessories seem flawless with white gown as well as red or burgundy gown.

Delicious wedding cake:

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Rejuvenating wedding cake, without which wedding ceremony can’t be completed, is essential element of every wedding. Red wedding theme decoration need breathtacking wedding take that perfectly blend with wedding decorations. If you focus over red color them opt to red tiered wedding cake with flower topper as see in this photo.

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White wedding with lot of red flower is incredible ideas to celebrate red wedding. By doing this way you make red hues more prominent.  White wedding cake with red topper is drop-dead gorgeous solution to get wow-worthy results.

Red wedding decorations:

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Royal inspire red indoor wedding reception fill with dramatic feeling. Enthreal and astonishing vibe create with hot red hues. Floral vase with red fluid filling, candle votives, table skirts and even red lights create mesmerizing atmosphere for romantic Vow exchanging.
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Whimsically interesting ideas to adorn wedding reception table is here. It will make you speckles. Wow automatically slip from tongue when look at mesmerizing red wedding table decoration. Red flower arranged mason jars and red painted traditional lantern set on table runner with other tablescapes. It looks flawless in natural surroundings.

Arch and alter:

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Red flower such as rose, anemone, tulips and bogainvella are wonderful flower  to add a hot touch of red. Romantic   garden wedding adorn with fresh bogainvella flower wraped  arch  and carpeted aisle.  It elegant way to get enthreal charm without add too must details.

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Vintage inspire rustic wedding alter beautify with romantic detail. Burgundy drapery, wooden ladder, hand painted ombre bottle vase, fresh flower and greeny ingenious involve in decoration. Breathtacking wedding alter make day celebration unforgettable.

Romanic aisle:

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Fantastic red adornment over white is incredible thought to charm red-theme wedding. In his way you can get statement feel with more clarity.  Red drapery, flowers and crystal decorative arch set for vow exchanging. Artistic pattern draw on aisle with fresh flower petals. Sculpture block, put in side, adorn with red flower bouquets for aisle decorations.

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Scattering rose petals along greeny on floor in awesome plant to highlight both sides of aisle but theme decoration require something sophisticated for wow-worthy outcome. Wedding aisle is the place give honor to the couple getting down the aisle.

Giant vases with water filling and rose bouquets atop make dramatic sculpture for aisle decorations. Rose pom-pom pew hangings and candle lights are also incredible solution to fascinate walkway.

Red wedding backdrop:

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Red is mostly selected for Valentine day, the day of love, special wedding celebration.  Bring in everything that represents pure feeling of love and romance. There are festive plans for indoor wedding decorations.

Floral backdrops and arches are enough to grace red theme wedding yet outdoor decoration need something unique.  Draw heart on canvas and put Valentine gifts and flower in right placement for jaw-dropping backdrop for wedding photo session.

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