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Soft Mint And Pink Theme Wedding Inspirations


Blooming love and freshness is true inspiration behind pink and mint theme wedding planning.  No doubt mint green and soft pink make dreamy-chic combination for spring/summer wedding.  Mint is soft shade of green that reminds about renewal and growth while pink is feminine palette symbolized for unconditional love and romance.

It’s valuable color mixture for energetic couples seeking for playful hues for wedding days. Cheerful surrounding and delicious sweets each and everything play greater role in making wedding day celebration unforgettable.

Mix and match bridesmaids outfit:

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Mix and match are perfect idea to dress up your bridesmaid according to theme. Bridesmaids in soft mint and baby pink dresses scatter blooming elegance everywhere they step.  Long flowy hem dresses that are same in style but picked in two palettes captivate MOH charm.  You can enhance matching look by pulling up pink sash on green dress or vice versa.

Delicious tiered wedding cake:

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Wedding cake, Wow! This one is spectacular wedding cake.  Mint cake   is amazing idea to incorporate such delightful hues in wedding decoration. Adorable and mouthwatering sugar frosted cake is in triple tiers. Mint and white cake look so pretty with pink and mint blossom topper and glittery silver ribbon wrapping.
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Mint and pink is breathtaking theme for garden and rustic outdoor weddings. Mints ruffle tripe tier cake look flawless with pink sugar rose and pearls adornment.

Fresh flower bridal bouquets:

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Baby pink and blush pink are pretty palettes coordinate well with mint. Mint hue pop in refreshes and pink add a hint of elegance and romance. Bride in white wedding gown can unify her look with wedding theme by carrying dainty bouquets. Pink flower and greenery decorative bouquets look awesome with satin ribbon wrapping. You can pick any color from both for stem covering.

Eye-catching centerpieces:

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Everything possible once you determined by heart.  Making perfect pink and mint wedding centerpiece feel quite tricky but it make wedding decoration flawless. You can try different ideas such as compel with theme by arranging pink flower and soft greenery details in golden and creamy vases. Pinch extra glance by picking theme matching vase with delightful flower arrangements.

Balloon backdrop:

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Props and backdrop become strong need to make wedding photos even more festive. Giant balloon in pink and mint color with ribbon tassels make drop-dead gorgeous backdrops.

Festive invitation cards:

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Define well what you are going to do on wedding day by sending wedding invitation to guest. Invitation card perfectly design according to theme because it the thing give a hint about the day celebrations.  Here we bring nautical-chic wedding invitation card in pink and mint color.

 Lovely wedding favor:

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If you want that your guest always remind you in best words then choose amazing favors.  ‘Mint to be’ or delicious sweets boxed are good ideas.  Try to add both hues in favor packing to continue the actual spirit of wedding theme.
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