Wedding Colors & Themes

Tremendous-Look ‘’Red Themed’’ Wedding Decor Ideas


Red wedding theme can add romantic charm in their wedding function. Red color is energetic and positive color. It is associated with strong and powerful energy. Complete red themed decoration makes memorable their wedding with romantic way. Red color is the heart blood color so it can add tremendous glam on their wedding function. In red themed wedding, red colored cake, wedding reception, wedding aisle, sitting arrangement, decoration, stage and many more decorations are include it and make special their wedding function.

Red themed wedding reception:


Red themed wedding reception brings eye-catching charm for coming guests. Romantic look wedding receptions are designed with dim lightning with sitting arrangement. Square shaped table can highly fasten with candle holders, flower centerpiece and crockery. Dim red ceiling lights with mirror back drop glimpse enormous glam on them. Another wedding reception can have wide space with indoor decoration. Red wedding aisle and center round carpet for couple. Round guests table is also decorated with red rose center piece with matching table cover and crockery. Napkin covers can also red colored. As a whole, red themed wedding reception can glimpse captivating glam on them.

Red themed wedding sitting arrangement:


Red themed wedding sitting arrangement can allure their wedding function with their unique embellishment. Here are indoor and outdoor sitting arrangement ideas that can look amazing with their designing. Indoor wedding sitting arrangement can be styled with red covered round table with matching chairs around the tables. These tables are highly decorated with red centerpiece and white crockery is fastening with red napkins. Matching chairs are also embellished with chair back red bow decoration. Outdoor near the beach wedding sitting arrangement is also decorated with red themed idea. Red platform sitting sofas for couple and their family members are looking gorgeous with matching cushions. Red table covered decorative guest sitting arrangement can also appeals their wedding function.

Wedding aisle with red themed:


Red themed wedding aisle is attractive for couple and can add magnificent glam on their wedding reception. Red rose bouquet pillar can add fastening glam on their wedding aisle. Red carpet lay out on the floor with spreading red rose petals add romantic glam for couple welcome. Red rose placing on white carpet bring attractive charm in their aisle decoration. Both side glass candle holders with rose can add interesting glam on red themed aisle decoration. Ribbon band on start of the aisle can glimpse eye-pleasing glam and opening this aisle couple and start wedding traditions.

Red themed wedding decoration;


Red themed wedding decoration can amuse their wedding function. Wedding tables are decorated with huge sized silver metallic center piece that filled with red rose bouquet. White table covered can add inviting glam with red decoration. Red flower bouquet, napkin on glass, red table runner and spreading rose petals can glimpse thought provoking glam on them. Another stainless steel vase on wedding reception table with red rose filling bouquet. Single red rose can also place on it and can tempt their red themed wedding decoration.

Red wedding cake decoration ideas:


In wedding functions cake can ad opulent charm. In red themed wedding, cake is also decorated with red themed decoration. Red table covered is also highly embellished with whole red decoration. On highly decorated table cake bring marvelous charm 3 tier round cake is also decorated top rose decoration. Another side also rose filling table is decorated with 3 tier square black and white cake is fastened with red rose decoration. These highly decorated yummy cakes can add interesting glam on red themed wedding.


Red themed wedding decoration can also add mind blowing charm in their wedding function. You may also pick these stylish decorations and make memorable their wedding function.