Wedding Colors & Themes

White Dreamy Wedding Inspirations with Flowers


Classy white wedding look Romanic and lovely bring fairy tale and magical glance   to make your day unforgettable. White wedding is popularized for Victorian era as queen Victoria looks in white dress on her wedding days. White is tradition wedding colors   mixed with different colors like blue yellow, orange red and many more color yet pure white color theme wedding have its own grace and accent that makes you speechless.

White is pure and soft colors symbolized for innocence, perfection and completeness which bring peaceful and comfort feel that reflects your inner mood.


White color wedding decoration is iconic trend in western culture especially in British countries. White dresses, white decoration anything in while look like a paradise. Wedding day is special days in bride and groom as it a days to connect two different persons who share future together, white in best for new begging as white is blank canvas on which you have to fill colors of happiness, joy, sorrow and romance. White is also a color of hope which energized you see sweet dreams for you future life with great and cheerful companionship.

White Wedding Decoration with Fantasy:


White outdoor wedding under blue sky is romantic ideas décor wedding in unique way. All white with natural touch really look like fantasy worlds where everything is just like your dreams. White floor over green grass, white ghost style wedding chair, long white wedding aisle that adorn with pink and purplish flower places on both sides along with floral pots.  Almond blossom garland roof also add slighter touch of fairy tale inspired wedding. White drapes and flower embellished gazebo also visible area of white wedding.

Gleaming Indoor White Wedding:


Luxurious white drapes covered wall and roof bring mysterious look that capture sights. It’s mesmerizing wedding decoration idea with white theme. Spring white weddings   with natural flower, willow branches and green vine covered dome or curved live wedding arch placed to make stunning wedding aisle. Larger cubic glass cylinder vase, white calla lily flower and Crystal floor standing pedestal bowl candals holder add gleaming accent in surrounding.

White and Champagne Backyard Wedding:


White and champagne color theme wedding in backyard is also is also spellbinding decoration ideas that grip you one’s. It always fresh in back of your sights and come in front whenever you thing about   white wedding. It’s amazing blend of vintage and modern style. Crystal clear glass gazebo that adorn with white lily, orchid flowers and multi sizes candles keep in glass cylinder vase place on floor around gazebo square columns. White and champagne drapes walls with hanging candles chandelier add enticing feel in weddings.

Inspiration White Wedding:


White color canopy in backyard is best ideas to organize large scale weddings. White painted free standing rectangular arch and column that place to adorn wedding aisle which is visible and essential part of weddings. White arch upper corner covered with ivory rose and peony flower with flowing down garland. Crystal changing chandelier in each segment looks awesome. Medium size straight rectangular columns also adorn with flower bouquets.

Cool White Wedding With Floral Touch:


White sheer drapes boundaries, and roof ceiling with ball shapes paper lantern hanging is eye-pleasing and interesting ideas to adorn white and blue weddings. Whiter table covers and chair with f blue floral printed fabric details looks attractive wit colorful flower centerpieces in center of each dining table. Blue flower decorative triple tier cake   table set in center of the wedding venue.

Fairytale White Wedding Over the Pool:


Green roof with white flower hangings , green floor over the pool , rustic inspired hut style gazebo an white aisle runner that thrown in center on the pool create amazing surrounding just like a fairytale worlds. It’s magnificent and mesmerizing decoration idea with white theme. It’s cool and chic wedding that brilliantly adorn with natural touch. Glass cubic box on both side of wedding aisle   adorn with Tall flower vases make me surprised. This one look like my dreamland is you ever look a dream wedding like this.