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18 Most Romantic First Look Wedding Ideas


“The first look wedding” is unique, interesting and sometime fun creating   way to bring newness in wedding ceremony. It’s not tradition yet become stable part of all wedding traditional or non-tradition. Its stunning idea for wedding photo shoot later brings smiles in your life.  It’s special and unforgettable moment that never flash from your mid. How romantic is it when bride and groom look each other on their wedding day? It’s incredible to make you grand entrance extremely romantic and unique. Groom does something special when he looks his bride to express that he’s luckiest guy in the world.  Mostly groom sill adopts teary-eyes idea for fist wedding look that become old fashion. Try something new that surprised   guest.  When groom behaved extraordinary it’s Pleasant for bride.  There are plenty of ideas for the first look wedding. Here we bring most splendid and dreamy one.

Romantic Lake Side First Wedding Look:


Bride and groom both propped-up with tree stem, Holding hands and make sweet smile for their first wedding look. Bride holds sunflower wedding bouquet in hand. This one is exotic idea for fist look if you arrange country-side wedding on lakeside.

Holding Hand And Door Fist Wedding Look:


This one is amazing wedding first wedding look before wedding ceremony when groom trying to enter in room and   bridle stood behind the door with shying feelings.  Both hold their hand but bride do not let it to see her.

Bridal Party First Wedding Look:


Here couple involves their bridal party in their first wedding look.  Bridesmaids and groomsmen stood over the loft of church while bride blindfold groom eyes by keeping her both hands. It’s romantic wedding first wedding look in barn or traditional church weddings.

Rustic First Wedding Look:


Another rustic wedding first look in which bride and groom hold hands and hide behind the tree in per selected sport away from wedding location. Greenery background and smiley faces looking beautiful. Capture this moment in camera eyes. I’m sure is gorgeous photo in wedding book.

Sweeping Stairs First Wedding Look:


If you organized wedding in backyard then this enthralling frit wedding look is perfect for you.  Groom strand in backyard   in a position as he does not look bride who come down from stair toward the groom.  Groom make a smile as he noticed bridle coming.  It’s so sweeping and lovely ideas to involve stairs.

 Brick Pillar First Wedding Look:


Make you first wedding look as intimate moment of the wedding in romantic way.  Here pillar is choosing for first wedding look.  Naked   bricks pillar play statement role in first wedding look. Bride and groom stand   beside the pillar, Holding hands and looking down to make first wedding look pose.

Playful First Wedding Look:


Both bride and groom stand closely as they cover the distance in single step covering their face with hands   to expressing “butterfly in me stomach”.   It’s cute and loving couple who making adorable pose for first wedding look.

Outside First Wedding Look Ideas:


Groom stand quietly, waiting for his bride, on per defined location where bridal stealthy coming behind groom. She has a naught smile on face.  It’s cool and chic first wedding look for outdoor wedding. Bride looks cute in white strapless gown. image015