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Boho Inspired Hoop Wedding Decoration Ideas


You like embroidery or not but it hundred present sure that you love this whimsical and breathtaking wedding decoration that amazingly done with embroidery oops. Handing back drops, photo shoot frame, centerpieces and wall decoration and ceiling adornment look gorgeous with hoop decoration. Colorful ribbon wrapped, or organic warped dream catcher, wreath and tassel are dreamy and fun generating ideas to adorn boho and rustic wedding.

Here we bring some unique and eye-catching embroidery hoop decoration to make you wedding day unforgettable. Enjoy these stunning wedding ideas.

Organic Hoop Backyard Wedding Decoration:


Gorgeous and cheerful wedding sign for your special day craft with hula hoop and flower and neon ribbon. It’s lovely and eye-pleasing wedding decoration for photo shoot. Round leafy and flower embellished boho inspired hula hoop hand with trees that is mesmerizing wedding backdrop especially back yard or country side wedding. Multi sizes triple hula hoop hand with transparent thread or wire. These flowing down hoop bring dreamy and natural vibe in wedding decoration.

Fascinating Hoop Back Drapes for Wedding:


Circular wire hoop with bright color rose flower and leafy vine decoration is appealing and chic ornament to adorn statement wedding backdrops. Dramatically placed hoop   backdrops with greeny leafy frame look gorgeous. It’s pleasant and playful ideas to bring unusual and captivating charm in wedding atmosphere. Whenever you look wedding photographs it will remind you happiest moment of special day.

Bright Color Hoop Wedding Ideas:


Wood crafted small size hoops with lace filling hang with bright color ribbons and flowers. Candle favors wrapped hoops with vibrant color ribbon and flower also fresh in guest sight. It will always remind then happiest sights of your wedding day. Add vibrancy and gleaming accent with these eye-pleasing hoop hangings.

Bran Wedding Decoration with Haul Hoop:


Boho and rustic thee weddings with hoop decoration is ideas day to make you day special and unforgettable.   Plum and green barn theme wedding is impressively adorned with purple and green decoration. Hula hoop and ribbon embellished wedding backdrops look gorgeous. Ribbon wrapped and wire crafted rims and ribbon garland with hydrangea flower adornment is brilliant thought to decor wedding   with fun.

Hoop Dream Catcher as Backdrop:


Lon glowing tassels and feather embellished oversized haul hoop wedding decorative complement drilled on wood wall to decor stunning and effortless wedding background for photo sot. Hoop decorative dream catcher is inspirational and adorable decorative addition in Boho weddings adornment.

Vibrant Color Hanging Tassel Wedding Backdrops:


Do something interesting and unique to make you day celebration not joyful and pleasant. Circular hoop and yarn crafted tassels cream catcher is creative ideas to celebrate artistic weddings. It’s incredible and adorable wedding decoration ideas taken from Los Angeles wedding event. Coral color flowing down tassels, peony flower and green leafy vines covered dream catcher hand down with barn ceiling that cover entire width of barn, it’s really inviting decoration ideas with hoop and flowers.

Hoop Decorative Wreath H Photo Shoot Frame:


Disney inspired country side weddings are truly magnificent if add some whimsical things. Just like in this wedding. Oversized hoop decorative giant organic wreath hand with tree is amazingly used as photo shoot frame. It’s ingenious and playful ideas to bring interesting and unusual accent. Green plants and ivory flower decorative hoop wreath is spectacular ideas to decor wedding. These hoop wreaths five far away view but in fact is smaller in size then its look now.

Macramé Hanging Tassel with Flower Adornment:


Good-looking and captivating macramé hanging tassel is spellbinding and breathtaking decorative complement in bohemian weddings. It’s chic and pleasant backdrop that capture guest attention. It’s fascinating and gorgeous hop wedding decoration ideas that surprised me. It best option for those bride who dream for nature inspired weddings.