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Bright look bohemian wedding table decoration


Get interesting, bold and cheerful boho wedding table decoration ideas in original form. Big and small size colorful accessories are prominent part of boho chic wedding. The things that take part in bohemian wedding are natural flower, bright and bold table runner, tea candle, feather, fruit jar, bird cage, and bottle vase. Driftwood and wood pallet are mostly used for center table. Soft cushion and folding chair make best pair with decorative boho table.

Get detail images from below!

Chic Look Bohemian Wedding Table Decoration:


Bohemian chic wedding perfect look of venue table or reception table you think out of wood box. Natural woof folding chairs ad long table like furniture selected. Chair seat and table top get same color scheme. Burlap used as table runner that performs well. White color book folding napkin and champion glass make border line side of flower vase. Number of seat in fresh environment are arrange with definitely some dancing place.

Colorful Bohemian Wedding Table:


Rustic look table and bench for outdoor boho chic wedding give comfort feelings. Colorful image create under cushion, flower bouquet, golden vase, birdcage and napkin. Two colors napkin are slip in plate with pair of fork spook and glitter glass. Flower fragrance touches the heart of couple. Dark wood bench with soft fabric cushion give relax sitting.

Beach Bohemian Wedding Table Decoration:


In cool and breezy beach environment bohemian wedding table decoration give awesome beauty. Simple but interesting look create with use of wood ballet style table on sand with high fluffy seat. White chiffon fabric table runner has champion color scheme. Small size wood pallet place over the table runner and tea candle, with flower vase also drop to give final look to couple table.

Starry Night Bohemian Wedding Table Decoration:


Strings light are helpful material in creation of starry night scene in boho chic wedding. Real flower and candle light chandelier hang in ceiling over the dinner table. Table runner makes cute contras with dark color table. Flower glass vase are drop with short distance that much inspire the guest and get their wide attention. In chocolate color round tray white napkin with champion glass also decorates.

Orange & Red Flower Bohemian Wedding Table Decoration:


Orange flower with green leaves make table runner in bohemian wedding function. Big size champion glass fills with red juice and pure water. Red color ribbons in bow style are band on water glasses and napkin folding. Pink color cloth is wearing the long table with white wood high back chair. Dark and light color combination makes fresh and cool table decoration.

Light To Dark Bohemian Wedding Table Decoration:


Gray tableware and dark color flower are great contribution in your boho wedding. Berries and fruits you can easily safe in big side glass jars. Red color placemat and blue color napkin develop focal image. This one boho wedding table decoration with wide color is amazing and amusing for summer, spring and fall season. For outdoor wedding you can follow the above image idea.

Romantic Look Bohemian Wedding Table Decoration:


Outdoor romantic scene creates in boho wedding dinner table. red and white color table decoration come in final look with baby breath and red flower vase, red table runner and napkin, brass candle holder, black plate and fork, two different size and style water glass. Front of each table a flower bouquet give elegant beauty. Folding chair on grave land are tightly fix and don’t slip.

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