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Cork Ideas for 2017 Wedding Decoration


Who are artist can add touch of mastery in wedding decoration with wine cork ideas. We share unique and crazy ideas of wine cork you not earlier imagine. Easy and quick creative arrangement with this small size cork you can make possible on your big day.

With wine cork you can get ring holder, aisle decoration, table number, bar station, centerpiece, photo prop, and boutonnieres. Budget decoration can get with wine cork that easily available. Diy cork in different look with your intelligent mid and impress your wedding guest.

Wine Bottle Table Number:

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Incredible wedding table number ideas make with cork. Wedding guest can easily found the table number that decorates with high length. Wine bottle place center of grade and champion glasses with top wine card. You choose white paper for written table number and use black ink. Cut the half cork to stuck the table number and place it in wine bottle mouth.

Wedding Bar Signature:

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You make Sign out of cork for bar station. Over dark wood light color cork signature is prominent. For drinking wine glass jar are arrange back of cork bar signature. Attract full wedding bar ideas can impress your guest and they appreciate your idea of cork. Easy craft safe you from lots of time and budget. You need number of cork in case of bar signature perfect form.

Wine Cork Aisle Decoration:

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Decorate the wedding aisle to say welcome coming guest and bride and groom. White tulle fabric used for hanging the heart made of wine cork. Metal rode support the wine cork heart to decorate the way. Diy wine cork decoration is crazy idea to win the heart of wedding guest. Lovely use of wine cork may be unique craft for your big day about that you want something new and impressive.

Cork Wedding Centerpiece:

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For your summer wedding you should select wine cork centerpiece idea. Spring flower are fit in number of wine cork that fill in big size jar. Amazing look big size centerpiece full fills the demand of luxury style centerpiece. Sweet flower fragrance touches the nostrils and make fresh environment. Easy and timeless decoration you can get with flower, wine cork and jar material.

Wine Cork Boutonniere:

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For rustic wedding get these artificial flower wine cork boutonniere perfect for blue, black, and white dressing of groom. Love with coral and green flower appearance show brightly in summer. Cheap boutonniere make at home with little things in which wine cork is at top list. Light weight boutonniere best for country wedding and wine cork easily buy from market.

Save Your Special Wine Cork:

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Learn from above image how you can safe your special wine cork with frame idea. Quickly but step by step you can safe your first champagne sign. Your wedding card display in wood frame and then wine cork whose you want to safe center a-line with top bow. Silk ribbon wrap all around the frame to decorate it. You can create a memory for future with your first wine cork.

Wine Cork Photo Prop:

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With above image wine cork heart you can snatch your wedding photo. M & S letter are written top base of heart in white color paper. Your bridesmaid holds the cork heart and at front you stand for wedding photo. Interesting and unique idea of wedding prop can impress other when see your wedding photo after some period.

Wine Cork Ring Holder:

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Decorate your wedding ring top of wine cork that amazing look. Silver round plate used to blush the wedding ring. This is creative idea but so easy for that not heavy material used. Best looking the ring top of little size wine cork. Keep care face of ring remain at front when you decorate it over wine cork.
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