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Creative Ways to Turn Wine Cork In Wedding


Today here we release wedding decoration with wine cork that look like button and old books. Fun wedding ideas much attract coming guest that are display in unique look. Whether you are celebrating wedding country yard, back yard or inside you can treat with cork in every style that you will look here. In our wedding cork decoration you will found ring holder, bard, centerpiece, aisle, escort card, table number and many others.

Look below!

Cork Wedding Bar Fun Idea:


Elegant look beauty appears of wedding bar that signature made with cork. At bar station big size barrel place with top wood pallet and give wide sign of bar with the help of cork. Coming guest impress with diy idea and appreciate your genius art fun. Easy to design the bar letter with small size rolled cork material. Bar signature has as weight that doesn’t slip with natural air as you lifted over the barrel.

Chic Look Escort Cards Cork Decoration:


On white card paper brown color circle is print and then write guest name with their couple and seat. Escort card decorates with cork that get front space with thread bending.

Cute Style Cork & Orange Flower Decoration:


You can decorate the wedding table with cork and orange flower simple but elegant tutorial. Easy and quick draw this on flower arrangement. You can get natural or artificial flower for slip in cork. Arrange all flowers on table top in a series.

Cork & Cute Satin Bow Aisle Decoration:


Enjoy supper Aisle decoration on your wedding with cork and wedding dress satin fabric bow style. Pure white clear and clean look develop in satin fabric that used for hanging the cork heart. Double line heart weight can bear the white fabric when you turn on black iron rode.

Vineyard Wedding Wine Cork Centerpiece:


For vineyard wedding ceremony a wine cork heart centerpiece give great appearance. Big size heart creates focal image and attractive guest. Black color frame used for display the cork heart in sunny wedding.

Simple But Elegant Rustic Wine Cork Table Number:


Wedding table decorates with burlap runner and baby bread or snow fall flower vase. In rustic wedding you can add Wine cork table number. Easy finding appear under cork number idea.

Enjoy another idea of wedding table number from above image. Front of white flower glass box couple of cork helped up with golden rode in which table number slip.

Lovely Style Cork Centerpiece:


Charming look tall glass vase filled with wine rock and top colorful flower. Simply made centerpiece is appeal charm beauty that much attracts people and gets their wide attention. Under white surrounding cork and flower vase explore prominent image.

Romantic scene develop in above image define cork centerpiece. On white table top champion glass surrounding in green leaves. Inside of Big size first cork are fill than red color candle decorate.

Tea Candle & Wine Cork Wedding Centerpiece:


Simply two different size glasses are get one fill with wine cork and center with tea candle. Twinkle light illuminate the wedding table at night time.

Romantic Look Cork Ring Holder:


Fun idea of cork ring holder that will give big smile on every one face when see this. Little pair of cork bridal ring slip in center while groom ring place on top.

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