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Darling Wooden Crates Wedding Decoration Ideas Within Budget

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Barn, farm or countryside any type of rustic wedding planning can’t complete with wooden details. Rustic wedding either organized indoor and outdoor unleashes timeless possibilities of decorating wedding in interesting way without losing budget. Wooden crates are wonderful solution to indulge opulence and wow-factor to attain attentions. Wooden crate at wedding is marvelous ideas. Hurry up! Hack it ingeniously to fascinate wedding backdrops, entrance, and cake table and reception table decoration. Wooden crate are eco-friendly and budgeted material available in different sizes. Add style and elegance to make you wedding day more special. Here we pin timeless ideas of inserting wooden crate table.

Eye-catching wooden crate welcome note:

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Warmth and cheerful welcome let the visitor to feel special. He/she feel proud to become part of your wedding.  Garden inspired rustic wedding welcome note would surprise anyone.  Vine decorative welcome board stood behind wooden crate which glow up in candle lights. Greenery and fresh flower also involve gracing crate more beautifully. Attractive base make the welcome note more emotional effectively.

Wooden crate sculpture for wedding:

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Stake of wooden crate is wonderful solution to grace wedding venue in intellectual style without spending extra money. It’s cute and chic way to allure statement place of wedding especially entrance points. Look this playful centerpiece make of wooden crate, sculpture vase, lantern, bottles and cage.

Romantic wooden crate wedding decoration:

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Here is another statement wedding points fantastically decorated with vintage wooden crates to insert love-factor. Fresh flower decorative Mason jars and ‘Love’ word amazingly arrange on wooden crate and bench, put dramatically, to create romantic sitting end.

Vintage wooden crate cake display:

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Cake is staple element of wedding. Displaying cake in unique way becomes demand of the season. Wedding couple are more conscious about wedding decoration. Wedding cake tables good solution yet it become common. Try other alternative. Just like this rustic theme outdoor wedding. Very old wooden crate beautifully organized to for breathtaking dessert and cake display pointy. It grabs guest attention. Paper pom-pom, bucket planter, classical clock are lovely decorative material boost up beauty and elegance.

Outdoor wedding cake display:

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Hack this catchy wedding dessert table decoration ideas brilliantly apply to add charm in rustic wedding. Wooden crate ingeniously set in back to create chic background to highlight personalized cake and cupcake dishes put on table.  Wooden crates are not for decorative purpose. They also hold cupcake dished, flower decorative vases and lantern to bring in perfection.

Wooden crate wedding photo booth:

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Backdrop or photo booth is fabulous ideas to create personalized background that give special touch to wedding photos. Stylish and well decorative backdrop inspires other and insist them to copy idea for own wedding.  Wooden crate, beauty boxes, photo frame, bunting, guitar, mason vases and camera is statement material incorporate in backdrop creation. I love this pleasant rustic wedding backdrop. Are you?

Farm wedding backdrop:

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Wooden crate is really opulent decorative material effortlessly adorn wedding venue in interesting way.  It difficult to explain each and every idea yet little discussion must clarify how you can celebrate wedding day. Brick wall, bunting, pallet and tiny bucket wall mounted flower vases and wooden crate stake are awesome material to allure chic wedding backdrop. Diy flower vase jug bucket, apothecary candies jar and favor pack give stunning look.

Wooden crate wedding arch:

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Crate decorative wedding centerpieces:


Wooden Crate Drink Bar:


Wooden crate escort card display:

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