Wedding Decor

Dreamy Non-Flower Aisle Decoration Ideas


Non-flower wedding aisle become hot favorite agenda while planning wedding. Flowers considered essential or core of wedding decoration. Mostly people assume that wedding planning is nothing without flower. Everything happens. There are solutions of everything.  I had experienced to attend some non-flower wedding which makes me surprised. That the great ideas. Flowerless wedding is amazingly adorned with other element like green plants, candles, feathers, burlaps, fabrics, seashells, balloons and lanterns. Here we bring splendid non-flower wedding aisle decoration best suitable for adorable weddings.

Parasols Decorative Beach Wedding Aisle:


Sunny beach side wedding is magical and artful ideas to make you wedding celebration more impressive and playful. Pink and white ocean side wedding is dramatic location for feminine style wedding. Pink parasols, that create soft and intellectual vibe, placed in center of white chair rows.  White and blue under blue sky which covered with clouds look marvelous.


Sandy floor, palm tree leaves decorative arch and creamy textures parasols wedding aisle is spectacular and magnificent ideas to decor wedding without flowers. New couple feels pleasant when put step on wedding aisle. They always remember this moment whenever recall their wedding memories.



Fluffy  papper crafted  pom-pom are alluring and captivating idea to bring newness and efortless charm  in country side wedding. Paper crafted pom-pom  weding decoration  are quite inexpensive yet it time to mush time  as it need time to make papper pom-pom.  Bright  primary color crafted larg pom-pom  used to adon  chairs back that set beside the wedding  walk way.  It cute amd lovely flower substituate  that grabs attention.



Bring a feel of romance  in dreamt winter theme wedding.  Indoor white  them weddings with  larger  tree, street lightning pole and  cubby glass vase with candle fillings.  Both side of wedding aisle is allure with  these element to bring facinating and spell binding charm. multi sizes  glass cas glow in candle light that creat a spell which captures guest sight. This really awesome wedding aisle.

Tropical Plant Wedding Asile:


Lush green leaves and candle votives decorative wedding aisle is eye-pleasing and enthralling idea to add color with pout flower. Flower is real charm but there is a world beyond the flower world. Lush green tropical plant decorative wedding aisle with moss and ting candle holder bring refreshing and energetic charm. It’s appealing wedding aisle decoration idea for budgetary weddings. There we timeless ideas of adorning aisle with green plants.  Make bunch of leaves and set as wedding pew or chair decoration or decor ground based aisle with leaves bouquets with other complement.

Oversize Lantern Aisle with Green Vine Decoration:


Vintage inspired rustic wedding is brilliant ideas for big-day celebration.  Re you fed up by looking flower wedding and desired to bring effortless charm without flower then try this inviting wedding aisle decoration.  Classical lantern holder   and green vines embellished aisle captures sights. It’s flawless idea to adorn countryside wedding.  White drapes hanging and lush vine wrapped arch that leads white painted lantern decorative aisle which glow in candle light.

Seashells Beach Wedding Aisle:


Nautical wedding have own charm as not one refused it.  Beach wedding is most beautiful and dreamy spot for wedding through the world.  Sweet wave’s musical sound, fresh blowing airs and blue sky is biggest decorative complement that crafted eye-pleasing and mysterious charm. Open air beach wedding is so simple yet look awesome.  Heart and parallel line draw on sandy wet floor and then adorn with sea cells and stat fish. It’s exotic wedding decoration design without spending too much budget.

Balloon Wedding Aisle:


Balloon decorative wedding aisle is quite whimsical and fun-creating ideas but it looks too awesome.  It’s cost –effective and effortless substitute of flower which replace flower and bring cute and chic accent in wedding. Here we bring church wedding decoration adorn with balloon.  Balloon flower is set to allure pews while balloon tie with transparent threat on sides of wedding aisle