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Extremely Gorgeous Modern Bridal Bouquets Ideas


We love flower. Flower is real charm of wedding.  Unique and stunning floral wedding bouquets that are quite different for traditional bouquets bring magical glow in wedding decoration while these bouquets also increase bride charm.  Modern wedding bouquet in nosegay, cascading, hand-tied and composite style are more common.  Here we bring unusual and artistic wedding bouquets that you never imagine it first.

Unexpected Green Orchid Bouquet:


Ultra modern and whimsical non-flower wedding bouquet is inspirational complement for intimate wedding ceremony.  Green leaf, bear grass and green orchid decorative cascading bouquet are magnificent addition in rustic or countryside wedding.  It’s cool and chic idea by Dominique Houle who is renowned floral designer. She adds feelings and opulence in her creation and always prefer personalized for custom demands.

Dreamy Aspidistra Leaves Wedding Bouquet:


This one is spelling binding wedding bouquet for modern weddings makes me speechless. I have no word to describe it charm. Aspidistra leaves rolled heart with pearl adornment look gorgeous with white flower and green bear grass hangings.

Flower and Pearl Bride Bouquet:


Modern wedding need something new and unusual that bring wow feeling and also glow bride charm. Here we bring little different and exotic wedding bouquet in white and green hues which add natural accent.  White anthodium, Mini callas, roses, bear bouquets with folded aspidistra leaves collar and cascading bear grass with pearl embellishment. That cool and eye-pleasing bouquet brings a tone of luxury and royalty.

Effortless Bouquet for Rustic Wedding:


It’s extraordinary and statement wedding bridal bouquet that define bride beauty.  It magical and fairytale inspired wedding bouquets crafted by replacing rose with orchid, twig along with creeping orchid, giant protea flower and clusters of seeded silver eucalyptus. Green leafy v cascading vines are looking gorgeous and romantic.  It unusual and mesmerizing ideas to bring uniqueness as no one ever seen this type of bouquet before. It’s little mysteries bouquet hope you like it.

Romantic Heart Shaped Wedding Bouquet:


Modern wedding bouquets are in breathtaking style that surprised ones when someone looks it. It grabs attention when bride put step on wedding aisle. This one is enthralling and eminent wedding heart shaped cascading bouquet designs with green Cymbidium orchid, ivory roses, aspidistra leaves, pearls and bear grass. Its romantic and loving wedding bouquets add feeling of romance and love.

Call Lily Cascading Bride Bouquet:


Are you going to plan black and white wedding then bring creative and innovational charm with this white and green floral wedding bouquet. This one of spectacular and dreamy bride bouquet in cascading style allure with white call lilies, aspidistra leaves and green grass.  It’s artistic floral arrangement that glow bride charm. It’s flawless wedding bouquet for rustic, beach and barn weddings.

Lilies and Green Orchid Bride Bouquet:


Cool and pretty white wedding bouquet with little greeny tone is splendid complement that gives statement look to bride.  White lilies, grass bear, green orchid decorative wedding bouquets are perfect choice to bring versatility and ultra chic charm. Think it again it fabulous.

Bright Color Cascading Wedding Bouquet:


Vibrant color cascading wedding bouquet is inspiration wedding complement add glistering glow.  It’s unexpected bouquet style quite different from traditional bouquets.  Roses, orchid, peonies and lilies decorative are gorgeous design for modern brides.