Wedding Decor

Heart Flashing Candle Decoration for Big Day

No any enough romantic and charm to candle on wedding celebration. Lovely inexpensive and modern look create colorful candles in all size. Candles casting a flickering flame on reception tables and aisle. Depending on you how incorporate candles to get pretty wedding photos. Use candles with fresh flower centerpieces, illuminate the aisle get royal look wedding glance. I hope below images flatter your heart and impress you to get same ideas on your wedding day.

Wedding First Look:

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Decorate the area where groom and bridal are going to see each other. Wood cardboard support the number of candles that give romantic scene in which couple share their feelings and deep love. Candle back drop is enough for first look photo image. Less expensive candle decoration like each one and want to draw on wedding day. Other things become less importance under candles decoration.

Aisle Candles Decoration for Wedding:

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Wedding stair aisle way treat with number of tea candles and greenery. On each step burning candles make sky night scene. Really pretty photo scene creates and bridal enjoy on stair with back drop heavy embellished gown. Simple but lovely path way also make cute the surrounding. Less expensive candles long time help you to celebrate the wedding event and still continue the aisle romantic path. As compare to first one right hand image get flower beauty accent with green and white color contras. White flower with leaves are dropping in glass jar that give bouquet look. Floating candles glow the each step of stairs.

Beach Side Wedding with Candles:

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For beach side wedding candles decoration is more helpful. Tea and floating candles on sand give romantic lighting that also illuminate the couple heart. In candles light bridal groom share deep love and get memorable movement of life. Blowing air, fresh water and open space make so great decoration. Flower presentation becomes less on beach wedding. Perfect beach wedding candles decoration makeover in next one image. Cozy feelings and dreaming wedding theme emerged under lots of candles on sand.

Wedding Table Decoration:

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Table decoration come in to final look with tea light flower candle holder. Tall mirror glass fills with pom-pom flower. White flower under candles lighting make focal image. Center table decoration is present over all beauty of wedding. Coming guest much impress with luxury look furnishing that set on table. Flower sweet fragrance touch the people heart and give love smile on their face. Reception table give green look with Eucalypts leaves that are make Cris cross way with floating candles.

Wedding Candles Backdrop Idea:

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How you can get wedding back drop in candles form follow the above image. Wood log in curve shape are place down on one another. Glass holders are pick up furnished with golden and on that tea candle are slip. As glow as glittery look show that something is precious. Top mounted of wood log white flower release cool and calm expression. You want something new than take idea from next one image. Green grass gives fresh and cool feelings with candles and flower mixture. Flower branches are lain down on wood log and grass.

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