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Ideas to Incorporate Wine Barrels in Rustic Wedding

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Whisky and wine barrel is whimsical element to incorporate rustic wedding in unique way to grab attentions. Vintage inspired barrel are become exotic wedding complement in barn, rustic, countryside, or farm wedding. Wood crafted Barrel is beautifully brought in wedding venue. You can adorn wedding in dramatic way with wine Barrel tables, backdrops, aisles and many more interesting ways. Barrels combine both rustic and vintage charm to create novelistic surrounding for big-day celebration. Barrel becomes bigger part of outdoor and barn wedding decoration. Barrels are convenient and cost effective decorative material best option for budgeted wedding. Here we bring most appealing and eye-catching wedding ideas with wine barrel adornment.

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Wine Barrel Welcome Table:

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Whisky barrel is inspiration wedding complement. What you do say welcome to your guest which bring a smile on their faces and they also feel honor to become a part of your wedding.  Wood barrels is beautifully adorn with golden vintage inspired urn with spring flower arrangement.  Wood chalkboard is stand with barrel with lovely wedding welcome note. It’s inviting decorative piece in spring rustic theme wedding.

 Rustic charm with barrels table:

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Here whisky or wine barrels are amazingly set as cocktails wedding table.  White table runner wrapped with copper ribbon with flower bow.  Tiny white flower centerpiece looks pretty.  Triple huge size wine barrels set aside to serve wedding drinks. Sandy floor and green background create lovely surrounding to make your day special.

Playful barrels cake table:

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Old and useless wine barrel is reclaimed in innovative way to bring rustic accent in indoor wedding.  Candles decoration brings sexual charm in wedding atmosphere.  Barrels is set front or stairs wedding aisle that the visible corner of wedding grabbing guest attentions.  Multi tired flower decorative cream cake   magically put on glass top barrel table.

 Wood barrel decorative aisle:

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Here green floor, cloudy sky and heavenly back scenery create romantic surround for outdoor wedding. This one is adorable destination for countryside wedding.  Flower and vine wrapped arch, white chairs on green grassy floor is set to provide pleasant and pure seating to you honorable guests.   Flower decorative baskets hang with chairs to make wedding aisle.   Glossy wood runner is set as aisle beside which giant barrels is kept with welcome notes.  Vintage brass vase decorate with pink and white flower to glow barrel charm.

Backdrop idea with barrel:

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Backdrop is staple element in weddings. This one is amazing spot to captures unforgettable moment in camera eyes.  Here whisky barrel is fabulously used to create wedding backdrop for countryside wedding.  Grey painted barrels, huge “B”, and three wood logs are the main components to establish gorgeous backdrop.  Individual Candle hurricane is place in each log while “love” which crafted with wood and stud is place on barrel top to bring a feel or romance and deep love.

Barrel tabletop centerpiece:

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It’s unique and innovative idea to set wine barrel as tabletop centerpiece. It’s really mind bellowing thought to surprise your guest.  Willow branches, white flower and green leaf decorative barrel is put on circular table.  Golden candle votives also set around the barrel vase.  It brings magical glance with illuminating string light. Barrel centerpiece is awesome ideas for indoor barn weddings.

Barrel Wedding Appetizer Table:

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Appetizer considered essential dish in wedding to entertain guest when there it time in serving meal.  Rustic inspired outdoor wedding appetizer table is dramatically adorned with light color wine barrels, burlap and diy flowers.  Burlap ribbon is used to adorn tabletop side. Giant alphabetical letter “D” is place between both barrels to bring personalized touch.  Crystal clear glass apothecary pedestal jars are filled with candies and cookie. While iron stand is keep serving sweets, cupcakes and lollypops desserts.

Whisky barrel wedding drinking corner:

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Here two larger size wine barrels place together to set eye-pleasing and chic wedding drink table. Barrel is lovely addition in barn wedding to bring wow factor in wedding decoration.  Vintage inspired wine barrels with wood top is use to craft individual wedding drink corner. Larger apothecary jar, pumpkins, glass set beside the flower centerpiece.