Wedding Decor

Inspiring Wedding Centerpieces Ideas Beyound The Flower World


Flower, flower and flower make you feeling bore,when ever you see flower in wedding. Flower has it own grace and charm and no one regect this fast that flower are real beauty in worldl. But there is a world eyound the limit of flower. Flower are loving creature of God but sometine it does not matched with conseptual wedding. Non-floral wedding is become new trend that totally replace flower with unique and eye-pleasing ideas.   Wedding designer explore the world around them and fine new thing to adorn wedding. She shells, bool, cage, mason jar, vandles, pearls, and mony more interesting and attention capturing thing used to decore non-flower wedding. Here we bring inspiration and unique non-flower wedding centerpiecves ideas that really makes you pleased and bring a smile on you face.

Nautical Sea Shell Centerpieces:


Beach theme wedding feel incomplete without see shell. This one is enthralling ideas to adorn   wedding which does not include flower.   Ivory sea shells are amazingly used to add glistering glow and mysterious tone in wedding space. Round glass bowl with blow stone filling bottles on which seashells scattered artistically personalized table number card and tealight filler tube vase also place inside the bowl that look gorgeous.


Another sea shell and candle decorative centerpieces is stunning decorative complement in blue theme wedding. Navy blue table cover adds vibrancy while jute robe, sea shells that place inside and outside the glass jar grabs attention.

Colorful Pinwheel Centerpieces:


Diy paper crafted pinwheel is mesmerizing and whimsical centerpiece to decor low budget wedding. Pinwheels centerpieces bring refreshing and cheerful accent in wedding atmosphere. It surprised guest as it unique centerpiece that never imagine by someone. Pinwheel centerpiece is interesting and cost effective substitute of floral centerpieces. Its bring vibrancy like flower. Diy Mason jar   vase that filled with sand or salt look awesome with multi patterned paper pinwheels and ribbon flowing. It’s chic and mind-blowing centerpiece for outdoor wedding.


Unique painted vase that interestingly adorn with paper pinwheels and table number. While paper pom-pom flower placed around it. It’s really adorable centerpieces for indoor wedding.

Tree Branches and Pinecone Tall Centerpiece:


Romantic winter theme rustic or country side weddings decoration feels awesome without flower adornment. Glowing tealights, pine cone filled and tree branched arranged tall glass cylinder vase is dramatic addition in wedding spot. Tealights candle holder hand with tree branches yet also set beside it along with pinecone. It adds warmth and coziness in wedding interior decoration.

Glistering Golden Pumpkin Centerpieces:


It’s eye-catching and spells binding w fall them wedding   look beautiful that decorate with non-flower   concept. There is a work beyond the flower. Flowers are not essential as we considered. There are timeless ideas of alluring wedding charm without flower. Diy golden spray pumpkin, Pine cone and willow branch are statement ornaments used to adorn wedding table. Burlap table runner throw in center and   all there thing dramatically placed on it’s along with tealight candle holder. It’s dreamy wedding decoration that your ever think before but never see.

Nautical Fishbowl and Robe Centerpiece:


In these days trendy and adventurous people love nautical accent. Bring joyful and magnificent beachy charm in wedding with delightful centerpiece. Crystal clear fish bowl with white cubby robe adornment bring nautical feel.  Cute white and blue polka dotted sailing ship look awesome.

Crystal Candelabra with Glowing Candles:


Tall chrome and crystal glass crafted candelabra with dangling strings is cool and elegant centerpieces in modern wedding that become visible centerpiece that bring gleaning and sparkly charm. Cubby candle glow on each arm that adds fascinating vibe.

Succulent Plant and Candle Hurricane Centerpieces:


This centerpiece is terrifically unify with outdoor country side wedding that create cheerful and fresh surrounding for wedding ceremony. Old wood pallet crafted box planter with succulent plants and cylinder candle filled vases. Multi size clear glass cylinder vase with cubby candle   capture attention with greeny touch. Mini tealight holder set around the rustic centerpieces to bring a feel of love and romance.