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Magical Forest Wedding Decoration Ideas


Woodland or forest wedding are thrilling wedding destination decorated in both rustic and fairytale glance. Forest wedding is the most pleasant wedding location allows you to celebrate big-day along with nature. Lot of greenery, musical bird’s sounds, airy surrounding these entire thing a dreamy fiction.

Forest theme wedding perfectly permit you a dreamy land for wedding celebration natural material such as tree branches, moss, wood, shrubs and grasses commonly used to grace wedding venue. It’s wonderland that fills your dreams.  Forest wedding considered the romantic location for outdoor weddings both for daylight and evening wedding.

Forest wedding is best option for spring, summer and fall but not for winter. Spring and fall are the beautiful time for woodland wedding in spring you create lushy background for wedding while in fall everything is covered with dead yellow leaves.
Here we bring the most wow-worthy forest wedding decoration ideas really tend you to say ‘wooooooooooow’!

Woodland wedding aisle:


Wedding aisle are the most important and attention catching decorative complement requires great attention especially in forest wedding. Just feel you walk in magical woodland where tress makes a way when you put step.  Select the most attractive corner of the forest where tree make way just like the above picture. In white two rows of tree delicately adorn with white drapes, flower candelabra   centerpieces and rose petals, scattered on the ground in musical pattern, to make  fairy tale wedding aisle for the princess.


If you choose a larger area for wedding celebration does not has tree then create a wedding aisle between the chair set for guest sitting. White flower petals lead bride and groom to the destination where they have to get down the wedding aisle. Two tree stem put in the start of the pathway to create splendid entrance point.  White rose, hydrangea and greenery decorative silver vase set on each wood sculpture for more elegance.

Woodland guest seating arrangements:


Along with aisle and cake table decoration you have to think about you honorable guest. Provide comfortable and relax seating which must increate the wedding charm. There are interesting thing to do for you guest.  Church benches and chairs  are traditional sitting  option while I’m  tell the most interesting  way to surprised you guest. Larger wood logs beautifully set for seating arrangement. Burlap cushion increase the level of comfort.

Look this rustic inspired forest wedding fabulously adorn with paper flowers, burlaps and tree stems.   Find the most interesting thing I this wedding. Wood log and boards ingeniously set for guest seating. White and powder blue paper pom-pom hangings create cute surrounding. It budgeted forest wedding ever refresh in mind.

Forest wedding lighting ideas:


Fireflies and lights are breathtaking decorative thin in forest wedding. Forest evening wedding are the most romantic wedding create fairy-tale surrounding. String light and Lanterns chic lighting ornament widely use in wedding decoration. Look this magical tree become a part of wedding wonderful adorn with twinkling string light. Full tree is glow in lights.

Select a magical tree as wedding alters that glow at night. Dozens of strings light wrapped around the tree stem to glow up wedding venue. I love this idea. It perfect wedding destination for jungle prince and prince’s marriage.

Lot on tiny light breathtakingly used to highlight forest wedding decoration. In this wedding aisle grabs attention.  Its jaw dropping wedding decoration adorn with lot of greenery and lights. Tree branches meet together to shape a gate style wedding aisle. Petals and tealights are set beside the aisle to highlight the pathway. It’s really an eye-catching wedding decoration.

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