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Majestic Wedding Chandelier Decoration Ideas


Chandelier is the most appealing and jaw-dropping wedding material considered staple piece in wedding. Without chandelier wedding decoration feels incompetents just like a fish without water, rose without due drops and candle without flame.

It’s not just for lighting purpose. Stylish and sparkly chandeliers add glistering glow and novelistic charm which totally change wedding decoration.  Wedding chandelier ranges from vintage to botanical design selected adoring to wedding theme requirement.

Diy and floral chandelier becomes the most appealing element in rustic and retro chic weddings. I’m sure you saw most wedding in which a chandelier hang top in center of the wedding reception look graceful yet not so much as you can are going to see here. Here we bring surprising ideas to incorporate chandeliers in wedding decoration which really surprised to ones.

 Diy Mason jar chandelier:


Creating a diy chandelier is most appealing and fun making idea to glance rustic wedding in unusual way. Crystal and tread drops strings are eye-pleasing garnishing material of this diy chanticleer yet the most appealing which is Mason jar candle holder which dangles with wooden wheel to glow-up the wedding altar area.


Glowing lights inside the Mason jar holder create romantic and spell binging surrounding in overnight rustic weddings. You can hand it the tree stem is wedding is held in open area.

Sparkly chandelier backdrop:


I’m shocked when I look this hottest and love packed wedding photograph. Bride and groom romantic kiss moment smartly captures in camera eyes which seem in every second wedding. The most surprisingly thing in this photo is the dreamy background which amazing create for this rustic wedding shoot.3-pieces  Luxurious  crystal chandelier set is flawless hand with  ivory cloth to form seductive  backdrop for wedding photoshoot.

Chandler decorative dance floor:


It romantic and royal theme wedding dance floor fantastically decorated with fresh flower canopy wreath and sparkly chandeliers. I love the idea to get intellectual charm in this royal wedding. Circular form oversize flower wreath which covers entire dance floor area is statement decorative element of this high-class wedding. But there is another thing without which this decoration has no charm. Yes that is a 5-pieces chandelier dramatically dangles in center of the wreath to lit-up the dance floor.

Gorgeous wedding altar chandelier:


This flower and greenery decorative alter is best point for getting down the aisle.  It square altar wrapped with white drapes, willow branches, greenery vines and white flowers.  White metal framed dangling crystal chandelier is romantic addition in this wedding decoration to add splashy tint to make your bid-day celebration very special and unforgettable.

Lighten-up dessert table with chandelier:


Free standing frame, drapes and chandelier are enthralling material to glance dessert taco bar and areas to grabs guest attentions. This eye-pleasing dessert table looks opulent in this backyard spring wedding due to unique way of decoration.  Brass frame, electric candle light and crystal made chandeliers flawlessly incorporate to enhance majestic charm.

Chandeliers and garland for fairy-tale wedding:


This one is fairy tale inspired backyard wedding reception areas design with white and golden theme. Greenery background, white garland and chandelier topping, white and golden seating arrangement create dreaming atmosphere for wedding celebration.

Bride and groom seating arrangement:


Its lovely bride and groom reception table arranged on a road surrounded with trees. It’s Romanic spot for the couple.  Rustic wood altar,  white drapes,  paper flower garland,  glass candle vases, Blush table skirt and flower center pieces are adorable complement  graced the table in amazing way. Chandelier is hanged just over the table to create warmth and love filled surrounding.

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