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Outstanding Open Bar Serving Signature Cocktail Drinks

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Open-bar is breathtaking compliment in wedding to serve cocktail drink to your honorable guest. Signature cocktail drinks, wine, beer and champagne table are essentials flavor in open bar love your guest.  Bar attracts guest as you five a great rush around the bar counter so hire experienced staff which easily handle e guest nicely without any miss happening.  Open bar is delightful option to reflect you lifestyle. It also create part environment allow you guest make fun and enjoy your wedding. Here we bring playful open bar ideas to rock wedding celebration.

White open bar for royal wedding:

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Look at this dramatic cocktail wedding open bar adorn in white hues with jazzy touch. The couple going to wed provides romantic and elegant surrounding to their honor. White orchid, peonies, succulent and pastel lower decorative grape wood cradle bring novelistic accent.  Tufted buttons white cradle is set as bar table in which mercury pedestal glasses and cocktail drink ware is set amazingly.  Four columns wood shelf is stand behind the reception table flawlessly adorn with pastel peonies, mercury candle votives and bar accessories.  Martini shaken is server to entertain guest.

Open bar for Rustic wedding:

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Bring unexpected thing to entertain you guest. Open bar become popular trend equally carry for indoor and outdoor wedding.  Here open bar is arranged along with lounging area where guest cheer up with ocean breeze, lushy atmosphere under the sky.  Glossy top island or bar counter is set under tree for arranging open bar.  Rustic inspired triple tier wood rack carry soda, wine and Vicky bottles white counter top is graced with   wine and champagne glasses. The noticeable thing in this bar is tree hanging diy candle holders. Mason jars, lock. Bells, candle votives and many more thing hand jus over the open bar to create magical environment to make the day special.

Stunning wedding open bar:

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Bring glamorous and luxurious accent in backyard for big-day celebration.  This one is fabulous ideas to bring statement charm in outdoor wedding.  What you can do for you guest as they remember you wedding for long day.  Open bar is delightful option which keeps you guest happier.  Bring out colorful and illuminating light bar to make wedding night special. Guest enjoys wine, champagne and other brands under the sky.  Red wine crystal glass and   glowing mini candle votives are set in front of the bar table while white rose flower decorative glass pedestal apothecary vase are set in sides.   White call lily, tulip, lily, and spider mum flower arranged vase are put in each rack of the shelf stand just behind the bar attendant.

Barrel table open bar:

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Drinks are staple element for spring and summer wedding cover the thirst. For this purpose bar are established in wedding which grabs guest attention.  This one is lovely backyard wedding bar decoration pop-up eyes. Open bar is flawlessly adorn with rustic inspirations to bring natural accent just like countryside wedding.  Wood door and vintage barrel bring in use to make bar counter for serving different drinks and branded wine.  Lushy branches, hydrangea,   and wild flower I richly used to adorn the surrounding.   Glass bottles and metal bucket is decorated with hydrangea clusters   which set in front of each barrel. Larger tub place behind the bar filled with ice cube to keep the drinks cool.

Diy beer bar:

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Open bar is splendid option for rustic and country side wedding. I love these ideas.   You can create diy bar for budgeted wedding. Bar doesn’t means you bring all bar material in wedding. Just arranged mini bar counter in one corner in interesting way.  Here wood pallets, counter and   pull back taps are used to crafted diy beer bar which not need a bar attendant. Guest cone and filler mason jars with beer in required amount.  Four different dinks offer here. Each tap is tagged with drink name.

Heart stealing open bar:

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Kick off your wedding decoration with unusual and interesting ideas.  Open wedding lave lot of option which make you wedding day special. Set bar section instead of drinking corner along with appetizer and taco tables to entertain guest. Look at this backyard wedding decoration.  Green leaves decorative shelves, pastel flower vases and table lamp decorative bar top add sparkly accent with luxurious crystal hanging chandelier glow in candle light.

Romantic reception table bar:

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This one is really romantic wedding open bar steals my heart. Vintage inspired countryside wedding bar grabs attention.  Wonderful scenery background, black bar counter, chalkboard welcome note and cascading eucalyptus , pink and white flower  vine   used to glance counter front while  spring flower decorative  vase and  drink bottles are arranged on counter top.  Cubby clear glass candle hurricanes and golden votives bring romantic feeling.

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