Wedding Decor

Pretty Garland Wedding Decoration Ideas


Wedding is special event that come once time every one life. People want to celebrate their wedding day with full zeal and zest. Natural decoration in wedding keeps you close to nature. Fresh green leaves colored flower explore great ideas for outdoor or indoor wedding. Mixture of leaves and flower garland add romance and love beauty in wedding that long time grab the guest attention. In our collection bridal groom chair garland, entrance way, green ceiling, table runner, and garden tree decoration you will see. Scroll down the page for learn more images with detail!

Blue Gum Garland Dessert Table:


Hearty green blue gum garland not only look cute also perfect for adding texture with full arrangement. Cool and fresh accent explore around your dessert table. Inspired to wedding garland green plant vas are display. Wood box are arranges is low to top series on that tea candles also glow the table. Satin purple color and white tulle fabric covered the table and make bright look.

Green Table Runner Garland:


Wedding table decoration come in final look with cheap material perfect arrangement. Fresh green table runner garland make on gray color cotton fabric cover. White color book style wrap napkin listed with little tree branch. Champion glasses with candle light are place with side border of greenery garland.  Dark wood folding table are decorates with white seat.

Blue Gum Genius Entrance Way:


Fresh and genius garland is textured on entrance way. First impression gets the coming people when you invite them on outdoor wedding ceremony. With white color curtain green leaves white flowers make prominent appearance. Black metal lantern arrange step by step on stair. Length strand with fresh flower give interesting background.

Groom and Bride Wedding Chair Garland:


Glamorous beauty bride and groom wedding chair much inspired the others. Dark brown color chair back decorates with red flower and blue gum green leaves. Fresh entrance in wedding give royal look that also can easily made. Add romance and beauty in wedding ceremony will live long time impression on guest. For outdoor wedding garland decoration will be perfect and possible.

Farm Wedding Green Garland Tent Decoration:


Farm wedding celebration arrange under white color tent. Open environment of farm give wide space in making guest seat arrangement. Rustic table with low length chair are place under green garland ceiling decoration. Green leaves make prominent look that like guest. Colorful flower vase fragrance touches the people heart.

Green and Lilac Flower Garland:


For garden wedding decoration green leaves mix with lilac flower and stunning garland wear the shady tree. Aisle way furnished with white petals on green grass floor. Blush pink color folding chair top listed with flower bouquet. Cute backdrop creates that give you great idea to snatch photo.

Prety Rose Flower Garland Stair Decoration:


Dark wood stairs of home are covered with printed carpet. Peach and off-white flower garland decorates on stair grill. Satin ribbon gives shimmering appearance in garland with greenery charm. Natural flower garland add love beauty in your home stair. Bridal groom can take memorable photo with stair background.
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