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Romantic Candle Lit Walk down Aisle Ideas for Wedding


Candle highlight beside the walk down aisle is magnificent ideas to bring a feel of romance and natural beauty.  Either you select a church, countryside and backyard as wedding venue candle decorative aisle bring captivating charm that surprised other. Natural light accentuate the aisle to provide a special walk way to bride and groom. Candle are inviting element incredibly uses in wedding decoration to incorporate warm and intimate charm.    There are flawless ideas to decorate aisle with candles with petals, branches and other decorative ornaments.  Candle centerpieces are cost effective and seductive complement in wedding to glow wedding decoration. It lit up walk down way and creates romantic surrounding which captures anyone in its spell.  Here we bring magical candle decoration ideas to add sparkling accent in wedding aisle.

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Sprinkled aisle with candle accent:


This one is gorgeous aisle for backyard wedding celebration.  Spring flower pastel is richly thrown in green grass to create walk down aisle surrounded with larger pedestal vase fill with water and floating tealights.  I love this idea that bring statement glance in outdoor wedding.  Wedding aisle is fabulous unify with greeny background. It’s superb location to celebrate autumns and spring wedding.

Pink blossom and candle decorative aisle:

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White and pink theme wedding bring feminine charm in wedding venue. Pink is soft and delicate hue that expresses feeling of unconditional love and romance. Its intuitive feels combine with coziness and warmth accent of candle which bring impeccable glance in wedding decoration. Pastel pink and white theme wedding splendidly adorn with pink blossom and cubby candles.  Pink flower is scattered on white runner. 3-pieces cubby cylinder vase with candle arrangement is set on dark floor to highlight wedding walk way.

Candle aisle for overnight wedding:

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Can are inexpensive and illuminating element unleash lovely vibe in wedding. Candles add a splash of romance with its glowing hues.  Candle are richly incorporated in overnight wedding which is the most appealing way to lit up wedding venue. String and other light can’t replace candle as candle have intimate charm which never lost.  Glowing walk down aisle are the visible point in night wedding which attracts guest. Candle is playful complement for both indoor and outdoor wedding.  White highly glossy marble runner with greeny   side is dramatically decorated with candle votive underneath white petals arrangement.  At the other hand cubby glass cylinder vases are brilliantly placed beside the woody aisle to bring glowing touch I barn wedding along with string light and hanging glob decoration.

Calla lily and candle decorative wedding aisle:


To brighten up wedding aisle bring special thing that really bring flawless feeling just like candles.  Tealight floating candles are adorable decorative pieces widely used in wedding decoration.  Floating candle create dramatic accent.  Here we display white theme wedding is arranges with white drapes, white chair and   even white flower.  Beige color runner is throwing to set walk down aisles which mesmerizing adorn with tall cylinder vase filled with white calla Lillie and water on while mini tealight float.  This one eye-popping wedding aisle purifies surrounding.

Diy Mason jar candle holder to light up aisle:


Nature and man-made material is adorably combines to decorate dreamy wedding aisle with individual idea.  Rustic theme wedding walk down aisle beautify with multi size wood stem, white petals, purple louts and diy Mason jar crafted candle votives.  Wedding walk down way between chairs is design to make bride and groom entry more special and romantic.

Stunning candle lantern wedding aisle:

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If you selected church as wedding venue then you have to become formal while decorating wedding walk down area.  Eucalypts   leaves cascading vine decorative pew and classical style candle lanterns create natural surrounding which much different for floral wedding aisle. This one is enthralling idea for non-floral wedding decoration.  Lushy hues magnificently combine with romantic candle light to bring ultra-chic charm to make you big-day special.

Exotic wedding aisle with floating candles


White and yellow flower  wrapped extra-taller crystal clear glass vase  with single floating tealight candle  filling is set between the chair to create simple yet eye-catching walk down aisle without adding too much.  It’s smooth and stain vibe look delightful.  I like this idea. This one is brilliant way to décor wedding aisle for low budgeted wedding.

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