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Rustic Wedding Burlap Accessories Decoration Ideas


Hay guise today here we introduce our rustic wedding burlap things collection with detail. You will see each this with perfect look and place. Easy to make and cheap things safe your budget but give you exact rustic wedding theme. In our today collection burlap material is top listed that used in crafting the things. You will see ring bearer, bride and groom glass, burlap wrapped cake, boutonnieres, candle holder, invitation card, and things for table decoration.

Burlap Wrapped Rustic Wedding Cake:


In above image three tier cream cake selected for rustic wedding celebration. Burlap wrapped all around each tier and at last band with thin jute bow. Peach color flower also decorated on top of sweet cake. Enjoy rustic wedding theme in this style of cake decoration. No costly and heavy material used in decoration of wedding cake.

Champagne Flutes Burlap Wedding Glasses:


For rustic wedding champagne bride and groom glasses are especially decorated. These glasses are wrapped with floral lace, satin ribbon, burlap, and wood heart. Really handmade cute wedding glass makes perfect rustic wedding them. With white color pen Mr and Mrs Signature are written that clearly define which glass for that. Cheap idea for wedding ceremony you can easily make or attain.

 Burlap Ring Bearer Pillow:


Cute small in size easily make burlap ring bearer for rustic wedding. You can craft the ring pillow with two cream paper rose, wood heart, thick jute bow, and adorable burlap material. For shabby chic wedding you can enjoy the light weight and colored ring bearer. Jute bow used for bandage the pillow in top bow style. Paper rose flower are stuck while natural wood hear hang in bow.

Rustic Wedding Boutonnieres:


Burlap boutonnieres spark on groom black pent coat. In square cut burlap piece grain leave with glitter shrubs are arranged and at last bandage with jute bow. With rustic look boutonnieres you can safe your budget. It will live long time on groom wedding dress and make perfect sign of rustic wedding. Not heavy material used in it.

Jute Wrapped Flower Vase:


Prominent look create the burlap when you mix in wedding table utensils. Fresh flower glass jars are wrapped with burlap and white color ribbon. You can not only make rustic trimming on big jars also on small size. Keep care the table cover should be in white when you assemble burlap flower vase.

Burlap Heart Wedding Invitation:


Wedding invitation card are top listed in all things that your first mail your dear guest. Brown color plain card paper, floral print skin color paper, tag, silk flower and jute material utilize in preparation of wedding invitation. You can follow the above image for rustic wedding burlap card style.

Rustic Wedding Candle Holder:


Candles are used to illuminate the wedding table at night time or for fab appearance.  In Rustic tray glass candle holder is put and inside of it green leaves are fill with white candle. Bottom of glass candle holder covered with burlap that stuck due to thin jure rope. Green color leaves all around the candle don’t slip it and keep continues in center.
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