Wedding Decor

Stunning Way to Adorn Wedding Venue with Paper Lanterns and String Lights


While planning indoor or outdoor wedding lightening fixture play essential role .Entire wedding decoration totally depend over suitable lightening. Little mismanagement leads to any miss-happening. Light- up your wedding spots with adorable light.

Paper lanterns and sting lights are the most interesting and cheerful addition in wedding, it transform you wedding venue in a dream land just look imagine in your dreams.  Round Chinese’s paper lantern are Asian inspired wedding light make a beautiful combination with twinkling string light. Here we bring jaw-dropping wedding decoration ideas with warmth light.

Colorful paper lantern and string lights:


Colorful glow paper lantern is flawless material to festooned wedding reception and dance floor area. These light make a delightful pair with string light. Create vibrant color ceiling with round shaped paper lanterns and string light. It adds ethereal grace and warmth feeling. Just think how it feels when you sit under thousands of light and colorful spots. It’s dreamy moment.  Here in this photograph open wedding reception area is fantastically adorn with both lights.

Rustic wedding decoration with warmth light:


Create a romantic and unforgettable wedding dance floor if you want a romantic dance with you love. White glowing paper lanterns, string light amazingly cover black sky. It perfect decoration for overnight wedding organized in backyard. All guest stands adorn the newlywed couple. They hold fire work sticks in hand to make this moment special.

Pastel paper lantern and string lights:


String lights and Chinese paper lantern are breathtaking source of getting impeccable charm for this indoor barn wedding decoration. Pastel color theme spring wedding is arranged in barn which reflects the splendid combination of rustic and retro details. String light are hang over the barn ceiling to highlight the beams and supports while pastel color paper lanterns are hang just below the string light which perfectly unify with wedding theme.

Golden paper and string light decoration:


This indoor wedding is packed with retro charm. All the city cream invited in this wedding, dance floor set in front of the wedding stage.  It golden color theme wedding as gold hue looks everywhere. Golden dance floor, golden background and even golden lights create warmth surrounding   for big-day celebration.  String lights are arranged in drapery style while golden paper lantern lights are hanged in center to lit-up the dance floor.

Incredible way to lit-up barn wedding:


This rustic wedding decoration shows the great mind behind it creation. String light and paper lantern are dramatically incorporated to bring beauty and love at the space point. It amazing indoor barn wedding photograph in which string light are used with multi sizes paper lanterns. Here I feel a huge sense of drama, love and romance. White paper lanterns are dangled with transparent thread. It feels white clouds are floating over your head.

Barn wedding lighting ideas:


String lights and Chinese paper light are closely related to barn wedding.   There are fewer retro wedding which are decorated with this thing. But it has own grace and charm in every wedding and no can refuse it. Here we bring another barn wedding these decorated with white paper lantern and string lights. It’s blue and white theme wedding full with captivating charm.

Pink and grey theme wedding:


Pink and grey theme modern barn wedding is delicately adorned with triple color paper lantern, String light and candles to provide fully romantic atmosphere. White, Pink and grey paper lanterns hanged with string light over the dance floor while straight light cover all wedding reception area. This one is excepted ideas to add glistering glow in your wedding reception.
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